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The bus factor table of who is familiar with which areas of Fundraising code and infrastructure.

ARG eileen ejegg cstone XenoRyet jgleeson damilare wfan Other
Adyen X x X x x x
Amazon X x x
Analytics - ecom ZExley
Analytics - ecom-sahar
Analytics - new
Auditing - Amazon X
Auditing - Adyen x x x
Auditing - Ingenico X x x x x
Auditing - Other X
Auditing - PayPal X X
Banner imps - Old (UDP2log/pgehres) X X
CentralNotice X X x x x
Contribution tracking x X x x x
Continuous integration jobs x X Hashar
CRM - Database x X x X x x x
CRM - Queue consumers x x X X X x x x
CRM - Civi X X x X x
D-Local X x x
Donate Wiki / FLP PCoombe
DonationInterface antifraud X X x x x
DonationInterface backend x X x X x x x
DonationInterface frontend X x X x x
Email unsubscribe X X X x x x
Fredge X X x x
Globalcollect X X
Hive X X
Ingenico X x X x x x
Payments deployment X x X x x x
Paypal Legacy X
Paypal Express X X x
Process-Control X X x x
Redis X x x x x x
Silverpop x X x CCogdill, the-wub
SmashPig listeners X x x x x
SmashPig job runners X x x x x
Docker X X x
Legacy Below
Dash X
Thank-you letter translation X JRobell, the-wub
Vagrant X X X X x