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Server Admin Log/Archive 7

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June 30

  • 06:28 Tim: profiling set up at http://noc.wikimedia.org/cgi-bin/report.py
  • 05:40 Tim: set up bart as a home directory server, under the virtual hostname noc.wikimedia.org
  • 03:50 Tim: upgrading APC to 3.0.11dev (plus my early/late warning patch) to fix an incredibly stupid block header overwrite bug in the shared memory allocator. I'm not sure how it was working at all, it certainly explains the majority of segfaults on x86_64 servers.

June 29

  • 05:30 brion: running refreshLinks on enwiktionary after big namespace changes
  • 05:03 Tim: Set up srv81-86 for external storage cluster 6 and 7.
  • 00:30 mark: PowerDNS on browne (moved from zwinger) is unstable, and seems to crash on updates. Be careful with it, I'll look at it soon.
  • 00:01 brion: set up apache redirects for bugzilla.mediawiki.org and it.wikimedia.org; but they need to be added to master DNS

June 28

  • 23:53 brion: set import sources for some it, no wikis
  • 20:40 brion: removed cluster5 from default storage (just cluster4 now), deleted a few gigs of old binlogs from srv76, need to investigate cluster5 slaves to check replication
  • 20:37 brion: srv76 out of disk space. THIS IS A MASTER FOR EXTERNAL STORAGE CLUSTER 5
  • 20:10 mark: Enabled subpages for NS_MAIN on wikimaniateamwiki
  • 18:59 brion: running links refresh on en.wiktionary (on srv31)
  • 18:52 brion: added a bunch of namespaces to en.wiktionary
  • 17:31 brion: restarted srvs 107, 100, 109, 84, 35, 113 for segfaulting
  • 17:10ish brion: restarted dewiki dump; appears to have hung during full-history dump, all dbs cut off for a while.
  • 06:40ish brion: added importsources for fr(wiki|wikisource|wiktionary)

June 27

  • 21:18 brion: db3 was rebooted. up, not sure if ready for use
  • 20:20 brion: db3 is down; can't ping it. took out of rotation
  • 15:14 brion: has to restart lighty on benet, was down for unknown reason
  • 06:20 brion: started new dump run (thread 2: starting dewiki), using dbzip2 and building search. hope it works!
  • 05:something brion: restarted apache on friedrich; think that domas killed it accidentally earlier when doing APC stuff
  • 03:37 brion: installed tidy on bart, was missing, breaking some pages on ssl interface
  • 03:30 Tim: uninstalled APC on srv31, was spamming apache error log
  • 03:14 Tim: Got http://static.wikipedia.org/ganglia/ working, by installing gmetad from source.

June 26

  • 23:30 jeluf: restarted httpd on goeje; mail web server was down mysterious
  • 21:40 brion: restarting apaches; reports of db errors from what looks like apc corruption ('img_mame')
  • 17:16 brion: benet rebooted with many gigs of space recovered. yay
  • 17:15 brion: unable to find and kill what's holding the giant file open on benet; rebooting in the hopes it will recover
  • 16:53 brion: restarted httpd on goeje; mail web server was down mysterious
  • 16:50 brion: benet disk filled up due to accidental decompression of enwiki full history dump; trying to kill process and recover space
  • 16:32 brion: set up /home backup refresh to khaldun as daily cronjob
  • 10:30 domas: modified browne firewall to allow port53 udp packets.
  • 06:20 brion: changed smtp.pmtpa.wmnet to point at goeje instead of zwinger for outgoing mail; gave goeje the .234 address temporarily while dns caches time out
  • 04:50 Tim: got pdns running on browne, assigned ns0 and ns1
  • 03:06 brion: setting up on-site backup of /home for the future
  • 02:25 brion: fixed bart's sysconfig so it will route right on next boot
  • 02:21 brion: switched bart's routing from (dead) zwinger to proper local router. its nfs was hung and nagios was reporting every server as offline.
  • 01:48 brion: very high load on zwinger, some funky ganglia stats. report of slow on yaseo 20 mins ago. investigating -> disk failure. attempting shutdown

June 25

  • 22:50 brion: added otrs-en-l and unblock-en-l lists; mindspillage admin
  • 22:38 brion: restarted apache on srv22; segfaulting.
  • 17:50 domas: i386 apc upgraded to 3.0.11-devel, 64-bit boxes still at 3.0.10-release
  • 17:41 brion: enwiki experimental dump completed this morning (complete runtime 3 days, 4 hours, 26 minutes, over a 2x speedup over traditional running, though data rate dropped significantly towards the end). Starting bz->7z conversion
  • 15:47 Tim: didn't help, they started segfaulting again after about 5 minutes.
  • 15:32 Tim: we were still getting about 20 segfaults per second altogether from random servers, no user reports though. I reverted MediaWiki to r15030, this stopped the segfaults.
  • 14:30 Tim: upgrading APC to 3.0.10 to prevent segfaults which occur in current MW HEAD.
  • 05:00 brion: got libxml2/librsvg fixed up everywhere in mediawiki-installation. Still 2.14, but now renders illustrator output files consistently
  • 04:51 Tim: started apache on srv34
    • (I had this off for a few minutes to build rpms. Sorry --Brion)
  • 04:00 brion: more modestly upgrading various boxen to libxml2 2.6.23 to fix the problems rendering files produced by Adobe Illustrator
  • 01:48 brion: spent a couple hours fighting with librsvg 2.15.0 on bart. able to build RPMs for it but still can't get it to read the illustrator-export files, even though they work compiled at home

June 24

  • 23:30 brion: testing rsvg problems on half of servers
  • 21:45 brion: adding check for random-large-number spammer to the captcha on smaller wikis
  • 07:17 brion: added mime type for .djvu to amane's lighty

June 23

  • 22:00 brion: enabling Poem extension on wikisource, test
  • 18:35 brion: running experimental dump of frwiki + commons used images, going at [1] (completed around 21:00ish)
  • 18:00 Tim: improved jobs-loop.sh to give more idle time and less DB load
  • 14:22 Tim: changed wikiadmin password on yaseo
  • 04:32 Tim: fixed ntpd on holbach, was erroneously reporting 6 seconds lag

June 22

  • 23:50ish brion: setting up sugarcrm on office.wm.o
  • 23:01 brion: upgrading apache & php on friedrich
  • 22:27 brion: set up daily data backup on friedrich
  • 21:55 brion: adding office.wm.o dns
  • 20:15 brion: had to restart apache on srv94, was segfaulting rapidly
  • 20:05 brion: installed spam whitelist update for wikis
  • 18:27 brion: restarted lighty on benet, was mysteriously down
  • 06:40 brion: installed drsport skin for dawiki
  • 02:20 brion: doing an experimental run of enwiki history dump on srv31 using 7zip prefetch and dbzip2 compression for increased speed, to evaluate how well it runs over time. Using dbzip2d daemons on several db servers
  • 01:50 brion: running fixSlaveDesync on enwiki. a broken page reported which has been fixed. Was borked on 'server 3'
  • 00:06 brion: aborted the doomed enwiki dump. a db hiccupt killed the .bz2 history dump, and the .7z was going to fail when it got to the end of that incomplete file. doing some more testing before restarting it with some better error recovery in a few hours

June 21

  • 07:18 Tim: restarted apache on srv104 and srv23, segfaulting
  • 06:39 Tim: changed the cache administrator from wikidown@bomis.com to "nobody".
  • 01:50 brion: dropped the public log entries for w:meta:Oversight

June 20

  • 22:05 brion: reenabled LinkSearch after patching up the query
  • 08:20 domas: disabled LinkSearch extension, caused too much load in case of wikipedia.org lookups.

June 19

  • 23:10 brion: installed LinkSearch extension
  • 03:00 brion: running clamav scan on amane
  • 01:26 brion: running dumps (now including stubs in public set)
  • 00:10 brion: migrating older dump files from benet to amane

June 18

  • 06:45 brion: adding comcom.wm.o

June 17

  • 11:55 brion: rifling through an old commons image dump to search for files reported missing in bugzilla:5828
  • 06:05 Tim: reconfigured all apaches to send their syslog to suda. Added to the setup-apache script, not sure if it should be in setup-general as well.
  • 05:56 Tim: removed dba and proctitle extension statements from /home/wikipedia/conf/php5-x86_64.ini. I assume this was done before to some of the apaches, but not to the master file, thus when I changed the memory limit earlier, it was changed back.
  • 03:20 Tim: restarted apache on srv56, was segfaulting
  • 03:00 Tim: increased PHP memory_limit on x86_64 machines to 100MB

June 16

  • 23:32 brion: calculating size of image directories to plan new image dumps
  • 04:46 Tim: in response to the rising job queue length on enwiki, reinstalled srv42 and added it to mediawiki-installation. Started three run-jobs threads.
  • 03:50 Tim: upgraded ImageMagick to 6.2.8-Q8.nothread on all mediawiki-installation servers in pmtpa
  • 03:40 brion: image archive/undeletion now live sitewide
  • 02:48 brion: testing image archiving/undeletion on meta
  • 02:40 brion: forgot to apply filearchive table patch before installing new software; some admin views showed errors when checking for existence
  • 02:32 brion: clearing space off benet

June 15

  • 00:52 brion: upgraded search engine on yf1017
  • 00:08 brion: investigating frequent nagios reports of timeouts on yf1006 and yf1010... lots of Apache processes on yf1006 stuck in __lll_mutex_lock_wait, some under zend_getenv->?->mallopt->ap_month_snames, some from shutdown_destructors->mallopt->output_globals. Restarted apache, may be better.

June 14

  • 08:05 brion: restarted mwsearchd on coronelli and rabanus manually; it didn't restart properly on the hourly cronjob
  • 06:00 Kyle: sq3 has a new OS, if this doesn't solve its stability issues then I'll send it back.

June 13

  • 20:10 brion: restarted mwsearchd on coronelli manually; it didn't restart properly on the hourly cronjob
  • 09:26 brion: added mw.o to mail server's domains, so security at mw.o addy works
  • 09:12 brion: retarted gmond on apaches and gmetad on zwinger, seems happy again
  • 08:59 brion: ganglia stats for pmtpa apaches down since about noon UTC yesterday. investigating

June 12

  • 22:25 brion: fixed lucene restart script (/etc/cron.hourly/search-restart; master now in /home/wikipedia/conf/lucene)
  • 21:57 brion: fixed broken ports for lucene
  • 21:50 brion: fixed broken groups for perlbal
  • 21:19 brion: set up a second perlbal group for search on port 8124 for 1gig machines, sending non-enwiki requests there
  • 15:50 mark: Squid 2.6 on clematis keeps crashing, depooled
  • 15:30 mark: Branched the Squid RPM in SVN and made 2.6 packages using (almost vanilla) Squid 2.6.PRE2. Testing on clematis. Squid 2.6 is not fully backwards compatible, and has quite a few changes, notably for accelerator setups like ours.
  • 05:10 Tim: Renamed mwdaemon to mwsearchd. Installed it as a bundle.
  • 02:29 Tim: Fixed mwdaemon startup scripts and pidfile handling. Using daemonize.

June 11

  • 23:00 Tim: many apaches were running the Q16 version of ImageMagick from FC3-4. Upgraded them all to our own 6.2.6-Q8 RPM, changed the relevant package script.
  • 21:40 brion: upgraded leuksman.com to apache 2.2.2 and php 5.1.4
  • 20:19 brion: restarted apache on friedrich; php segfaulting
  • 03:49 Tim: fixed issue with MWDaemon dying on startup if the HOME environment variable wasn't set
  • 01:15 Tim: changed nagios config to use the HTTP plugin for lucene
  • 01:09 brion: reinstalling mono from rpms on maurus for consistency
  • 00:22 Tim: updated nagios configuration to reflect recent search changes. Started search daemons on almost all search servers, it had crashed on all except coronelli, rabanus and rose.

June 10

  • 23:30 brion: started search daemon on maurus. syncing indexes to the various thingies
  • 22:50 brion: while checking over lucene updates, found that sourceswiki 5-31 current-meta dump was broken without being reported. should examine this. (building its search from 5-23 dump)
  • 21:42 brion: refreshed messages on it*
  • 9:30 domas: started yet another copy lomaria to db1.
  • 9:30 hashar: refreshed fiwikisource statistics [2]
  • 8:44 hashar: switched zhwikisource logo.
  • 00:29 brion: set up restart cronjob on rose and rabanus; daemons died a while ago due to memory leak

June 9

  • 23:40 brion: tweaking squid config to allow google feedfetcher
  • 19:40 river: gave root access on zedler/hemlock to Wegge and Rob Church
  • 17:00 jeluf: redirected http://ch.wikimedia.org to http://www.wikimedia.ch
  • 09:00 domas: increased apache children concurrency. MaxClients 40, MaxSpare 20
  • 07:28 brion: moved rose and rabanus from apache to search dsh groups, woops
  • -02:06 Tim: set up perlbal on diderot for load balancing of search requests.
  • 00:04 brion: taking rose and rabanus for lucene

June 8

  • 23:50 brion: cleaned up favicons again. docroot favicons no longer symlink to /apache/common/favicon.ico, which tended to get accidentally overwritten
  • 22:59 brion: raised lucene result cache time from 15 minutes to 3 days per tim's suggestion
  • 15:00 domas: experienced a yet another APC crash. this time it was... homogenized by apc3.0.8 ;-).
  • 11:35 brion: experimentally raised the thread limit on humboldt's search from 10 to 20 threads to see how it compares with others. leave for a while to generate stats history...
  • 11:24 brion: ganglia search stats rate service time actually work now
    • maurus is currently rebuilding indexes, with the daemon off
    • coronelli handles many more than others. why? is it due to higher ram, or bad selection algo?
  • 08:35 brion: adding search server stats to ganglia output

June 7

  • 22:25 brion: preparing to turn humboldt, hypatia, and kluge into supplementary lucene servers (old 1gb apaches)
  • 22:05 brion: rebuilding search indexes on maurus
  • 21:00 domas: redirected profiling to (/usr/local/sbin/collector/) at webster:3811, web interface here
  • 20:07 river: installed the new zedler login server (hemlock.knams.wikimedia.org) with debian
  • 14:00 domas: private static arrays caused most (not all!) of APCs on FC3s (all FC4s were sane) to segfault. Update: non-crashy boxen seem to have fresh APC binary. Update: stable boxes did have 3.0.8, unstable: 3.0.9-dev. WTF!
  • 00:05 brion: set enwiki job run rate to 0.0001 (down from 0.02). When the database sticks, the job queue is a great way to turn safe read-only requests into hideous stuck death for hundreds of simultaneous processes. Temporarily had it at 0 for a couple minutes to clear out a full processlist.

June 6

  • 03:04 brion: jawiki dump stuck in some kind of infinite loop in xml parser. stopped, restarting

June 5

  • 19:32 brion: raised the hacked-in max regex size for spam blacklist from 25000 to 50000 bytes; it was over 26000 legitimately and failing
  • 05:23 Tim: running fixUserRegistration.php on enwiki
  • 05:00 Tim: restarted nagios_wm IRC bot
  • 04:50 Tim: reinstalled applications on srv57, back into rotation, watching for segfaults
  • 04:30 Tim: setting up srv51

June 4

  • 21:37 brion: hoping domas finished "copying lomaris tablesspaces to db1, ixia, thistle, adler" as dumps are running from db1. a couple dozen of them failed during the unannounced breakage.
  • 19:28 Kyle: srv67 and srv110 rebooted. (srv67 had a raid crash, I may replace its motherboard if it happens again)
  • 19:23 Kyle: srv51 has a new drive and a new OS. (Needs Config)
  • 17:00 jeluf: created wikibooksDE-l
  • 09:00 domas: copying lomaria tablespaces to db1, ixia, thistle, adler
  • 05:19 brion: fiddling with dump stuff
  • 05:15 brion: removed squid from logrotate config on benet so it stops filling the mail queue with cron errors

June 3

  • 03:50 brion: running dump decompression tests on amane to double-check on some reported data corruption in dump files

June 2

June 1

  • 23:14 brion: setting up dns for incubator.wm.o (for "test wikipedias")
  • 22:30 brion: zedler munching:
    • disk filled up due to massive php error reportage from magnus' xml script running for several hours pumping out errors for every byte of a many-megabyte string repeatedly
    • killed the 154-gigabyte 'error' log file from apache logs dir. replaced it with an extract of the last 50 megabytes or so from it
    • restarted apache to kill everything with the old file open. might or might not have done it right
    • renamed magnus's php.cgi to php.cgi.broken to make sure it's not coming back until problem is resolved

May 31

  • 23:25 brion: disabled apache on srv57, it segfaults a lot despite multiple restarts. needs to be checked for memory problems
  • 15:11 mark: zwinger was out of memory and killed some processes, including ganglia. Started ganglia.
  • 05:00ish brion: installed dbzip2d on various places; running on pmtpa database boxes for performance testing
  • 04:00 Kyle: srv119 has a new drive and OS.
  • 03:56 Kyle: sq3 Now has a new motherboard! Should be stable for squid serving.

May 30

  • 09:13 brion: stabbed domas on #wikimedia-tech
  • 09:12 domas: greeted brion on #wikimedia-tech
  • 09:09 brion: added bart to mediawiki-installation group. Someone made this a MediaWiki server and didn't add it to the group, causing it to fail to receive various updates such as db.php changes (causing bugzilla:6140 et al)
  • 07:14 brion: ran namespaceDupes on zhwiki. Someone added a "Portal" namespace at some point but didn't check for dupes, stranding 48 portal pages in never-never land

May 29

  • 19:00 mark: Replaced Bind by pdns_recursor on pascal and mayflower: more secure, faster, simpler, better.
  • 12:10 mark: Domas called and disturbed my peaceful breakfast. Brought pascal back up, and all knams squids one by one.
  • 12:00 domas: power down in whole Amsterdam, UPS'ies didn't survive. trying to get into knams and fix something

May 28

  • 21:50 jeluf: fixed spamassassin and OTRS config on bart, apparently mail setup was changed to route OTRS mails to bart, not processing them at goeje any more.
  • 12:20 domas: switched master to samuel
  • 10:02 brion: shoved the old mail queue aside on maurus, should shut up the old resends
  • 09:30ish brion: reverted message transformation changes to try to fix up continued zhwiki breakage. updated cacheepoch, but bad data may still be in caches
  • 09:00 Kyle: srv118 available for service.
  • 08:18 brion: disabling display_errors from CommonSettings.php, we have log for this
  • 02:55 brion: udpated $wgCacheEpoch on zhwiki; reports of cached breakage from a message parser bug

May 27

  • 18:45 brion: tweaked up mail config on bart so it knows it handles only ticket.wikimedia.org, not all mail. Forwarded mail from OTRS to lists now goes properly through the main server.
  • 18:19 brion: moved /u/l/mailman to /u/l/mailman-broken on bart to make sure this non-functional installation isn't accidentally sent to
  • 18:17 brion: mail configuration on bart is borked, causing forwards to wikimedia addresses to fail (it tries to handle them locally)
  • 17:56 brion: synced files on bart to fix bugzilla:6110. EVERYONE CHECK YOUR SSH KEY LIST, bart was changed and you may have conflicts which break ssh'ing to it so its files don't get updated.
  • 09:45 domas: started main db pool master rebuilding.. taking out lomaria and samuel, rebuilding innodb pool on samuel.

May 26

  • 22:06 brion: enabled $wgIgnoreImageErrors so thumbnail error messages won't muck up cached wiki pages
  • 07:00 brion: set up jobs-loop to run runJobs.php through a setuid wrapper that runs it under the apache user. Hopefully this should keep permissions on rendered thumbs mostly correct.
  • 04:41 brion: set new logo for wikisource
  • 02:44 brion: manually restored image[3] from old image archive, for some reason it had vanished from main directories and was filling the error log
  • 01:10 brion: enabled thumbnail.log for thumbnailing failures

May 25

  • 22:30 brion: oversight extension active on test/meta/en, not yet in use by anyone
  • 18:58 brion: working on setting up cawikinews; interwiki updater system is broken by the db split
  • 16:57 mark: Setting cache_mem to a low 400 MB and letting the Linux disk cache handle it had a surprisingly positive effect on ragweed, which has disks: it can now cope with equal load as the other diskless squids. Testing the same setting on sq1 and yf1000
  • 13:55 mark: Changed the Squid configurator script to:
    • Add connect-timeout=5 to all cache_peer lines, in order to have faster failover between squids
    • Not add a cache_peer line for the squid itself
    • Split knams in text and upload cluster
    • Enable pipeline_prefetch

May 24

  • 17:05 mark: Apparently database enwiki disappeared from samuel, ixia, lomaria and thistle, taking them out of rotation for enwp. WTF is this not documented!?
  • 07:40 brion: disabled .xls uploading on commons

May 23

  • 13:30 jeluf: Duplicate IP in network. Removed secure.wikimedia.org IP from goeje.
  • 13:00 mark: Removed two pmtpa squid service IPs from DNS, to better balance the load (2 ips for every squid)
  • 8:17 Kyle: Bart back up, ready for service.
  • 5:35 jeluf: bart is not responding to ping. Moved secure.wikimedia.org IP to goeje. Slow, but up.

May 22

  • 14:00 domas: fixed srv76 storage (moved binlogs to /var/backup/ on srv94), decrashed the cluster, restarted all apaches on the way. also restarted srv6/srv7 squids.
  • 06:06 ævar: switched $wgAllowTitlesInSVG to true globally after asking brion on the channel, see also bug 4388.

May 21

  • 20:34 hashar: restarted apache on srv92 && srv94. Both had a httpd.pid dated May 20 21:00. Are they stuck daily ? :/
  • 09:07 brion: found inconsistency in page table between ariel (enwiki master) and db4 & db3 (enwiki slaves). May date to #April 15 db3 crash / master switch to ariel. Corrected this entry (update to page_latest and page_len), but we should check for others.
    • Use maintenance/fixSlaveDesync.php, it was designed to fix exactly this problem. It needs to be updated to take account of the enwiki split, it should only check slaves with non-zero load. But otherwise it's ready to run. -- Tim

May 20

  • 21:34 hashar: updated BotQuery extension from r14130 to r14316
  • 21:10 hashar: sent yurikbot the botquery.log (archive kept in the log directory).
  • 20:57 hashar: recompiled texvc and scaped site for bug #2015

May 19

  • 21:34 Tim: Verio still reports ns1=.208. Gave this IP address to zwinger and reconfigured pdns to listen on it, in addition to .207.
  • 20:16 Tim: installed ganglia on srv103 and 116, brought them into rotation (srv116 probably was already)
  • 19:48 Tim: upgraded nagios to 2.3.1
  • 18:29 brion: reclaimed wiki-offline-reader-l mailing list
  • 08:19 Tim: setting up srv116
  • 07:20 Tim: setting up srv103

May 18

  • 23:18 brion: enwiki dump restarted. will likely die again, as systemic problems have not yet been fixed, but at least it'll get a current dump done out.
  • 00:53 brion: migrated WikiSpecies from species.wikipedia.org to species.wikimedia.org. Gave it a temp favicon.

May 17

  • 23:10 brion: setting up dns for species.wikimedia.org per bugzilla:5158
  • 22:19 hashar: namespaces 104 to 111 now have subpages enable by default (bug 5978)
  • 00:16 Kyle: srv117 is up. I had a name conflict with two srv116's. Sorry :(

May 16

  • 23:58 Kyle: srv116 is just needs to be configured for service.
  • 23:52 Kyle: srv103 up.
  • 22:44 brion: srv116 seems to be broken. was it reinstalled?
  • 20:50 domas: deleting 68 gigs of 'too many open files' in mwdaemon's log on coronelli...
  • 11:35 mark: Enabled subpages for article name space on chapcomwiki

May 15

  • 13:25 mark: Found vandale running with the slow select loops / 100% cpu problem, restarted it with a Squid with an alternative malloc lib
  • 10:19 brion: created wikivi-l, wikihu-l

May 14

  • 19:13 ævar: Synced InitialiseSettings.php, see bug 5925.
  • 16:56 mark: Splitting up knams in 'text squids' and 'images/upload squids' clusters using a new version of PyBal. Using LVS ip .156.
  • 08:06 brion: made 'Xenu' ua check in squid conf case-sensitive; was hitting 'xenU' for someone using elinks on a Xen linux kernel
  • 06:17 brion: installed librsvg on bart
  • 06:10 brion: installed latex and ploticus on bart
  • 06:03 brion: installed imagemagick on bart, investigating other possible problems
  • 06:00 brion: bart is fucked up, missing imagemagick and other dependencies. who moved secure.wikimedia.org to this without making it properly set up?

May 12

  • 22:50 jeluf,mark: Changed yf1019 into a squid, added it to the LVS load balancing. Broke the site for a few minutes, but fixed it finally.
  • 19:05 brion: added Wikipedia:Copyright_problems to robots.txt blacklist to cut down on whining
  • 06:00 Tim: put a placeholder in /mnt/upload3/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/ce/Approaching_in_Beijing.gif/120px-Approaching_in_Beijing.gif to stop the repeated thumbnailing attempts
  • 05:03 Tim: finished setting up nz.wikimedia.org
  • 04:37 Tim: moved nl.wikimedia.org and pl.wikimedia.org from special.dblist to wikimedia.dblist
  • 00:03 brion: resynced metawiki search

May 11

  • 23:27 brion: rebuilding metawiki search index, broken.
  • 23:02 brion: restarted frwiki dump again. broken dump left holes which probably came through prefetched; so changed prefetch to refetch on blank entries.
  • 22:05 hashar: restarted apache on kluge, srv2, srv3, srv4, srv11, srv12, srv13, srv14, srv15, srv16, srv17, srv18, srv21, srv22, srv23, srv25, srv27, srv28, srv30. Same problem as below although the server were still serving pages.
  • 21:49 hashar: restarted apache on srv0, srv19, srv29, rose and hypatia. They had some 'convert -size 120' process stucked on commonswiki images Approaching_in_Beijing.gif View_of_Earth_from_New_Horizons_-_20150714.gif New_Horizons_trajectory_animation.gif. Bug in convert with gif ?
  • Tim: database for nz.wikimedia.org created, but apache configuration and DNS still need to be updated
  • 14:40 mark: Reduced ragweed's cache_dirs to 2x 3000 MB, let it purge and repooled it
  • 11:00 mark: Rebooted, and depooled ragweed: it's too slow as a disk squid
  • 10:00 mark: Restarted vandale, it was running Squid at 100% CPU
  • 08:30 Tim: srv89, srv97-120 in service
  • 04:20 Tim: setting up srv97-120
    • 103 and 117 down, in addition to the expected 118 and 119

May 10

  • 22:46 brion: restarted frwiki dump; was broken due to bad php files (from disk full incident)
  • 19:20 mark: Set up geodns for images cluster, testing with NL and DE
  • 17:00 Tim: testing LVS wlc weighted by CPU count for apache cluster.
    • Seems to work, CPU usage is much more even. Miss service time dropped by about 15-20%.
  • 05:42 Kyle: srv120 is up.
  • 05:02 Kyle: srv89, and srv105-[srv117]] are up. (The last three have hardware issues)
  • 01:36 brion: had to poke around at crap; InitialiseSettings.php was 0-bytes on benet which confused things
  • 01:10 brion: reinstalling missing PHP extensions on benet. adjusted dump scripts to barf loudly if UTF-8 helper extension is missing

May 9

  • 20:35 brion: switched amaryllis's webserver from apache to lighttpd, handles large files more reliably
  • 19:31 brion: unsuccessfully tried to reduce logging junk on mwdaemon. had to delete logs on maurus and restart, keeps filling disk
  • 19:23 brion: increased tcp window size on amaryllis per [4], speeds up large file transfers yaseo<->knams by a factor of 24
  • 19:07 brion: disabled sendfile on download-yaseo; broke on very large files
  • 11:30 mark: Testing Squid with a patch that allows HITs to be converted into MISSes when disk reads are required and disk I/O load is too high. Testing on ragweed, sq1, sq2.
  • 08:05 mark: Disabled BGP load-sharing / multihop BGP, as this setup has flaws
  • 07:00 Kyle: srv97 - srv104 up.
  • 06:52 Tim: re-ran setup-apache on srv52
  • Tim: created http://nagios.wikimedia.org/
  • 06:16 brion: under jeluf's direction shut down the link from csw1 to csw4, things work again. some broken failover...
  • 05:17 brion: investigating some sort of network oddity zwinger cannot reach outside world. reason not known; other servers with same gateway appear to be working fine.
  • 02:30 brion: trying to copy that dump over to zedler
  • 00:54 brion: restarted slave on dryas
  • 00:17 brion: taking dryas out of rotation to make a synchronous dump for zedler

May 8

  • 23:36 river: installed mailgraph on goeje
  • 23:33 brion: tunnel to henbane is ready at that end
  • 22:59 brion: created toolserver replication user on henbane. still need the tunnel added
  • 19:53 mark: I documented the new network setup at BGP
  • 18:00 mark: BGP multipath (connection load sharing) works
  • 14:50 mark: Restarted srv6-8 because of the SYN cookies problem, moved .235 from srv8 to will
  • 05:22 Tim: increased contributions limit on Special:Renameuser to 200,000.

May 7

  • 18:00-20:00 mark: Set up BGP L3 failover between our routers and PM. One uplink was moved to a new PM router. Failover has been tested and works, load sharing does not work yet due to some issue with multihop BGP sessions not coming up...
  • 17:32 Tim: put srv81-96 into rotation
  • 12:00- Tim: setting up srv81-96
  • 07:46 Kyle: srv81 - srv96 are up and ready for service with raid1. (except srv89 which has a bad drive.
  • 06:49 brion: reset url host for wikimedianz-l list to mail.wikimedia.org, was inexplicably set to wikimedia.org which of course doesn't work. Additionally, changed mm_cfg.py to default to wikimedia.org/mail.wikimedia.org instead of wikipedia.org/mail.wikipedia.org for url and mail hosts.

May 6

  • 20:41 river: configured asw3's switchport on csw4, and set up asw3... new machines should be working now
  • 21:33 mark: Updated DNS for asw3-pmtpa. Shut down the internal interface of the equalizer load balancer, as it was using asw3's IP.
  • 15:47 Tim: mysqld on srv73 was restarted (or maybe it restarted itself) a couple of hours after Domas disabled writes to it. That may have fixed it, re-enabling experimentally.
  • 14:08 Tim: changed wikiadmin password on external storage servers
  • 09:55 Kyle: srv81 - srv88 are up and ready for service. (Although I can't ping them, I assume it is because some configuration is required on csw4-pmtpa)
  • 09:25 brion: rsync died, doesn't seem to happy with giant file sets. running tar
  • 07:42 Kyle: asw3-pmtpa is up and available on the SCS. It's uplink (port 48) goes to csw4-pmtpa port 2.
  • 04:46 Tim: made http://ticket.wikimedia.org/ a redirect to https://secure.wikimedia.org/otrs/index.pl
  • 01:00 brion: trying to rsync a private copy of amane's uploads for testing

May 5

  • 17:26 Domas: Disabled writes on external storage cluster 4, srv73 misbehaving; frequent Connection error: Unknown error (srv73)
  • 14:55 Tim: running squid compiled with -pg on sq1
  • 06:23 Tim: moved .248 back to will after configuring and doing a reboot test.
  • 03:54 Kyle: will reinstalled with FC4, at
  • 02:39 Tim: moved from will to srv9 so that Kyle could reinstall will
  • 00:39 brion: srv52 appears to be hung, can't ssh in
  • 00:13 brion: disabled x-moz log; too big and we're not using it atm. srv59 was segfaultingk, restarted it

May 4

  • 21:57 mark: Kyle: Please connect ports gi0/36 of csw1-pmtpa and gi0/47 of csw4-pmtpa to eachother!
  • 21:33 mark: Setup HSRP for vlan 1 and vlan 2 between csw1-pmtpa and csw4-pmtpa
  • 20:18 brion: hacked viewvc for utf-8 charset header
  • 18:30 jeluf: srv51 dead, srv66 dead. Replaced srv66's memcached by srv54
  • 3:22 Kyle: anthony needs and updated dns entry, or I can change the ip. Its currently at
  • 2:59 Kyle: srv80 up after a removal of audit and a corrected grub.conf
  • 2:52 Kyle: srv51 and srv54 are back up. Same raid controller crash. When this happens they need a cold reboot to get going again. I'll talk to SM in the moring about it.

May 3

  • 21:50 brion: removed some junk users on enwiki
  • 18:30 mark: All squids upgraded, except ragweed.
  • 16:00 Tim, mark: Built a new squid RPM 2.5.STABLE13-7wm with a htcp.c malloc() efficiency improvement by Tim, testing it on mint and sq1.
  • 14:30 mark: Restarted Squid on srv7 and srv8: were sending SYN cookies again. We're narrowing down this problem.
  • 02:07 brion: added translation and wikimania-program queue aliases for otrs
  • 00:06 brion: load spike on apaches for several minutes following that scap. not totally sure if related or not. did a set of apache-graceful on apaches around the time it cleared up, not sure if it did it.

May 2

  • 23:59 brion: hacked Profiling to avoid spitting out errors when the profiling table is full
  • 20:00 mark: Increased cache_mem on vandale to 6 GB.
  • 19:45 jeluf: changed processing of wiki@wikimedia.org mails. Instead of sending them to OTRS, vacation will process them, sending a short notice explaining how to contact WMF.
  • 16:00 mark: Increased cache_dir settings of ragweed to 2x 5000 MB
  • 15:13 mark: This could be some issue with TCP sockets being "stuck" in a certain state. Alarm me when it happens next, so I can take a closer look!
  • 14:50 mark: restarted core squids after users complained about slowness. Squids were sending SYN cookies, had high load and served only half of the usual req/s. After restart, req/s served doubled immediately.
  • 13:20 jeluf: srv51 died, replaced its memcached with srv60's
  • 05:44 Tim: configured sq9 and sq10 to add .228 on startup
  • 05:40 Tim: fixed filedescriptor limit on sq9
  • 04:43 brion: sync-common on srv56, was missing query.php
  • 04:33 Tim: added .228 to sq9
  • 04:11 Tim: warming cache on webster
  • 04:06 Tim: sq9 back into service, under supervision
  • 03:50 Tim: disabled AFS stuff on sq9 and rebooted

May 1

  • 22:34 brion: added mediawiki-i18n list
  • 22:31 mark: Took sq9 out of service as it was behaving very oddly and distinctly from other Squids. Page fetches of exactly 1 second service time slowing upload.* down, almost 0 cpu usage, connection refused with cachemgr, weird mount options, AFS kernel processes and a standard load average of 1. What's up with this box?
  • 20:06 brion; archiving some old files from benet to amane
  • ~19:00 mark: Restarted Squid on sq9 as it was strange.
  • 08:13 Tim: sq9 back in service after an accidental outage
  • 07:45 Tim: accidentally pasted wikiadmin password into IRC, changed it
  • 07:24 Tim: took thistle out of rotation for mysqldump copy to webster
  • 06:06 Tim: disabled toggle_offline_mode in cachemgr

April 30

  • 18:52 mark: Changed performance mount options on sq1-10 filesystems
  • 17:55 mark: Made Pascal's Apache listen only on pascal's main IP.
  • 17:54 brion: starting search index rebuilt for itwiki; index was broken.
  • 16:15 brion: srv8 down
  • 16:10 brion: updated stats for kshwiki
  • 15:56 Tim: brought sq9 into service as an upload squid
  • 15:00 mark: Tried changing the I/O scheduler back on sq1 but it blocked when doing so. Kyle: please reboot sq1 Rebooted by colo.
  • 14:30 mark: Changed the I/O scheduler on sq1 in runtime to the deadline scheduler for all block devices.
  • 12:40 mark: Made journal-less reiserfs partitions /dev/sda5 and /dev/sdb5 on ragweed, restarted squid with 3 GB cache_dirs on each, and 1500 MB of cache_mem.
  • 05:47 brion: suppressing warning with @ on socket_sendto call in GlobalFunctions shitty hack to send stuff to webster (some sort of dns error intermittent?)
  • 05:45 brion: removing some recentchanges entries from various databases due to privacy-leak bug in Special:Userlogin.php
  • 04:36 brion: started dump run in yaseo; error mails and 7z junk output should be fixed

April 29

  • 23:38 brion: hacked bugzilla to include subversion viewvc links for r\d+
  • 23:29 brion: running special page jobs for all wikis on srv31
  • 23:06 mark: New Squid RPM deployed on srv6-10, and therefore on all hosts.
  • 22:47 mark: New Squid RPM deployed on sq1-10
  • 22:08 mark: New Squid RPM deployed on all yaseo boxes
  • 21:03 mark: New Squid RPM deployed on all knams boxes
  • 21:00 jeluf: started sq3, added to lvs, died the very same minute.
  • 20:59 brion: running update-special-pages-small manually on srv31. tim has a cronjob but it hasn't run since april 9, not sure why. changed the runner scripts to use full path to PHP just in case
  • 20:00 mark: Starting deployment of squid-2.5.STABLE13-6wm, which has been modified to not replace Cache-Control headers from Squid requests to origin servers.
  • 19:45 jeluf: added db3 back to db.php
  • 19:20 jeluf: restarted mail services. Move of database failed.
  • 19:00 jeluf: shut down goeje's MTA for move of OTRS database.
  • 08:45 Kyle: isidore now with fc4 at
  • 07:58 Kyle: anthony up.
  • 07:51 Kyle: sq3 rebooted. Everytime it crashes it is a kernel panic on what looks to be a sync.
  • 07:11 Kyle: srv54 up.
  • 06:59 Kyle: srv20, srv80 back up with new drives.
  • 04:18 Kyle: Console redirection and netboot on will.

April 28

  • 21:31 hashar: changed nds_nlwiki sitename (Wikipedie)
  • 20:45 hashar: srv31 not sane, opened bug #5750
  • 20:40 hashar: scaping live trunk@13908 . Lot of "cp cannot open '*/.svn/empty-file for reading: permission denied'" :(
  • 13:10 Tim: finished squid upgrade
  • 13:10 jeronim: moved squid VIP from will to srv10; starting OS reinstall on will
  • 12:20 Tim: starting upgrade of squid on sq1-9 and yaseo
  • 12:07 The new Squid RPM 2.5.STABLE13-4wm seems memleak free! Deployed it in knams and srv6-10 (not will). Set cache_mem to 2048 MB too. I'll be gone later, so if any severe problems occur, you might want to reinstall the old Squid RPM 2.5.STABLE12-somethingwm; and revert the cache_mem setting.
  • 12:08 Tim: brought sq10 into service
  • 11:51 jeronim: changed mailman master password
  • 11:48 Tim: removed from coronelli, is meant to be for bart
  • 10:00 jeluf: changed secure.wikimedia.org from an alias for goeje into a service IP,, which is now pointing to bart. Goeje is still serving mail.wikimedia.org
  • 7:30 jeluf: srv54 went down, using srv66 as replacement memcached
  • 03:57 brion: secure.wikimedia.org back up, load should stay lower now hopefully
  • 03:52 brion: goeje doesn't have apc installed, woops :) fixing
  • 03:45 brion: goeje is swamped with high load; possibly from a redirect from a chinese site to secure.wikimedia.org

April 27

  • 22:30 jeluf: Starting to move mail services (mailing lists, MTA, OTRS, etc) to bart.
  • mark: I found a big memleak in Squid which most likely is the one that's been giving us problems. I am testing the bugfix it on ragweed and will deploy on all squids if no problems occur.
  • 10:30 jeluf: changed ticket.wm.o into a CNAME to secure.wm.o, restarted powerdns because 'update' was hanging
  • 10:08 jeluf: activated subpages for the project namespace on frwiki
  • 4:38 Kyle: srv66 back up.
  • 4:33 Kyle: sq10 up.
  • 4:21 Kyle: db3 Backup. fsck'd.
  • 4:09 Kyle: sq3 back up.

April 26

  • 20:36 hashar: from dberror.log: The table 'profiling' is full (
  • 16:26 mark: Built and deployed a new Squid RPM 2.5.STABLE13 on ragweed, including a fix that might have been for our big memleak problem. Will deploy on all squids if testing is successful
  • 15:53 Tim: restarted squid on yf1004, was swapping heavily
  • 15:27 mark: Setup ragweed as Squid with FC5.
  • 14:12 jeluf: fixed yf1002's fstab, had corrupted entry for swap partition. Changed / to noatime
  • 09:12 jeluf: removed sq3 from the upload.wm.o pool, was timing out all the time. No SSH login to sq3 possible.
  • 07:46 Tim: Set icp_query_timeout to 10ms. This seems to have fixed about half of the sibling hit problem.
  • 04:20 Tim: Fixed squid.conf warnings. Restarting squid on sq1 for testing.
  • ~03:00 Tim: set up bart for squid sibling hit test
  • 02:18 Tim: readded sq9 to the pmtpa.wmnet zone. sq9 is on but not, that's bart. Will be shortly be changing from sq9.wikimedia.org to bart.wikimedia.org.

April 25

  • 22:43 brion: shutting down srv20; disk errors caused / to be remounted read-only
  • 02:11 Tim: re-running setup-apache on the servers brion complained about below. They have old versions of some things.

April 24

  • 22:05 brion: created chapcomwiki.blobs manually on srv73
  • 21:59 brion: created chapcomwiki.blobs manually on srv76
  • 21:55 brion: reports of save failures on chapcomwiki, probably missing blobs table
  • mark: Reinstalled ragweed with FC5
  • 16:10 jeronim: In goeje:/opt/otrs/Kernel/Config.pm, set $Self->{FQDN} = 'secure.wikimedia.org'; as it was incorrectly set to ticket.wikimedia.org (advice from Solensean, thanks).
  • 16:00 Hashar: r13845 should make sockets non blocking when purging squids (see the diff). Untested unfortunatly :(
  • 11:20 Tim: checkStorage.php completed, I'm now using it to fix the wikis corrupted by a bug in compressOld.php. Sample output at http://p.defau.lt/?z9EhTaOllcxImxBw0VacnQ , the rest is in /home/wikipedia/logs/checkStorage . Currently running on srv31, I might need to move to benet later to get higher dump filtering speeds
  • 03:37 brion: upgraded leuksman to php 5.1.3RC3 for testing
  • 03:27 brion: added dns for wm06reg
  • 02:43 brion: reenabled Austin's login so he can set up and maintain the wikimania registration
  • 02:15 brion: setting up ruby on rails for wikimania registration app on friedrich
  • 02:05 brion: mounted /home on friedrich

April 23

  • 22:14 brion: enabling debug log for botquery (/h/w/l/botquery.log)
  • 20:33 brion: srv51/55/61/67 segfault regularly. stopping apache on them for the moment.
    • These were out for memory replacement. Allegedly they are fixed, but why the crashes?
  • 20:30 jeluf: db3 is crashed, removed it from the pool
  • 20:15 jeluf: restarted apaches, some were showing APC issues
  • 19:45 brion: quick hack on special:boardvote to send enwiki visits to meta. enwiki no worky due to db changes.
  • 03:54 brion: restarting search boxes
  • 03:45 brion: syncing search database from finished dewiki

April 22

  • 12:00 jeluf: added thistle and db3 again to the pool
  • 10:19 brion: redoing lucene build of dewiki; it failed before, and now there's no index :P
  • 10:05 brion: restarted search servers; synced updated data
  • 09:51 brion: started dump in yaseo
  • 4:45 jeluf: stopped mysql on thistle and db3
  • 4:45 Kyle: A candle of Saint Jude is lit in the colo.

April 21

  • 23:41 brion: activated Makebot extension, for bureaucrats to assign bot status
  • 19:20 brion: loosened smtpd_helo_restrictions as danny keeps complaining about mail bouncing from poorly-configured mail servers
  • 05:50 jeluf: started db2 and db3 again.
  • 04:33 Kyle: srv56 back up after rma
  • 04:30 jeluf: taking db2 down to copy its DB to db3
  • 01:05 brion: changed scap and sync-common to use rsync instead of cp; cp was sometimes overwriting incorrect files when symlinks were replaced with regular files. (for example the common favicon.ico)
  • 00:41 brion: restarted replication on henbane, was stopped with 'impossible log position' error.
    • stuck on .445 position 900689993; restarted on .446 position 0.
      • (briefly accidentally started at .445 position 0. some duplicate key errors, shouldn't cause any harm.)

April 20

  • 18:30 jeronim: added info-sv otrs alias
  • 17:40 brion: created wikisource-l mailing list
  • 10:42 Tim: created missing mounts on harris
  • 09:18 brion: started dumps threads 3,4 both on benet
  • 08:37 brion: started dumps threads 1, 2
  • 08:31 brion: removed albert nfs mount from benet; obsolete
  • 08:25 brion: apache 2.2 on leuksman mysteriously hung somehow. had to kill -9 and restart.
  • 06:49 brion: starting the search index rebuild on maurus. again. try not to explode this time, data center
  • 06:39 brion: rebooting benet. added gateway on (disabled) eth1 config; also tried setting HWADDR to see if it sees that it has a problem more easily.
  • 05:46 Tim: moved cache epoch forward to 15:15 yesterday, which is just after Mark fixed the NFS mount problems
  • 05:45 brion: leuksman up, can now search for "rpm" on this wiki
  • 05:37 brion: taking leuksman mysql offline to change search parameters and back up
  • 05:21 brion: deleted 250megs of old log files, restarted pascal's apache. bugzilla back online.
  • 05:14 brion: pascal root partition full, broken bugzilla. clearing space; stopped apache while owrking
  • 04:30 jeluf: changed pppuser@zwinger to login shell '/bin/true', changed sqltunnel on zedler to use '-n -N' instead of 'while [ 1 ]; do sleep 10000; done'
  • 03:35 Tim: changed /etc/fstab everywhere to use for /home. Suda has that IP, but nothing is actually using it yet.
  • 03:04 Tim: brought srv52 into apache rotation
  • 02:41 Tim: fixed harris, srv15, srv51
  • 02:15 brion: updated squid error pages with spanish fix
  • ~01:00 Tim: fixed ganglia

April 19

  • 23:52 Tim: ran "chkconfig ntpd on" on srv71-79, srv8 and srv9. Stepped time by about an hour on srv8. Started ntpd on srv8 and 9.
  • 22:08 hashar: http://zwinger.wikimedia.org/~hashar/ shows an experimental graph of number of jobs on enwiki. It's in my crontab every 5 minutes.
  • 21:16 brion: set wikitech wiki to require login to edit, to make sure we know who's editing this thing. :)
  • 20:51 brion: started job queue runner on srv31
  • 20:01 brion: restarted postfix on pascal. seemed to be trying to send mail to itself instead of on to pmtpa. [yay, bugmails coming to tampa now]
  • 19:35 jeluf: replaced memcached srv66 (down) by srv51 in mc-pmtpa.php
  • 19:21 jeluf: started gmetad on zwinger, added it to rc3.d
  • 18:18 brion: disabled wgAllowExternalImages on nlwiki. Why was it on?
  • 18:03 brion: started ntp on srv71-srv79, were not quite synced and no ntp running
  • 17:14 jeluf: reverted changes done on pascal's httpd.conf, so that bugzilla works again.
  • 17:05 jeluf: moved IP 246 from srv9 to will
  • 16:40 jeluf: added thistle to the mysql pool
  • 16:30 jeluf: started external storage server srv71, didn't come up at boot time (since LDAP was not available yet and mysql user is in LDAP only)
  • replication on zedler broken:
060419 16:25:43 [ERROR] Got fatal error 1236: 'Client requested master 
to start replication from impossible position' from master when reading
data from binary log
  • 16:24 jeluf: changed pppuser account from /bin/cat to /bin/bash, since the former didn't work. needs fixing
  • 16:03 jeluf: mwdaemon crashed on all 3(!) nodes, restarted.
  • 16:03 mark: Broke Benet's routing (even more than it was). Benet is down, colo says it freezes at 'booting the kernel'. Kyle needs to look into it
  • 16:02 mark: Fixed SCS routing
  • Tim (various times up to 16:00): reset slave on db2, db4, lomaria, db1. Spot check on max(rc_id) on various databases showed no apparent problems, replication continued afterwards. Had some trouble with apache threads connecting to database servers while they were starting up, swamping them with load when they started serving. Thistle is currently out of rotation due to this. All wikis now r/w.
  • 15:58 jeluf: startet mwdaemon on maurus, vincent, coronelli.
  • 14:58 mark: mail stuff on goeje up
  • 14:52 Tim, mark: enwiki up r/w, dewiki r/o, other DBs in progress.
  • 14:40 mark: Brought up all squids, chkconfig on
  • 14:30 mark: Brough up LVS on avicenna (pybal) and dalembert (lvsmon).
  • 14:09 mark: fundraising.wm.org up.
  • 13:10 Tim: All core mysql servers now have a /etc/init.d/mysql script, chkconfig on. All external storage servers have a /etc/init.d/mysqld script, due to the different RPM used on some of them. Also chkconfig on.
  • 12:34 Tim and mark: Started named on albert and did chkconfig on
  • 12:14 Tim and mark: Started named and ldap on srv1, did chkconfig on
  • 12:00 mark: Fixed DNS issues on zwinger (ip stolen by goeje) and pascal
  • 11:50 Tim: sent all traffic briefly to an error server on pascal, then when that didn't work, rr.knams. So that everyone can see the pretty ERR_CANNOT_FORWARD message instead of a connection refused.
  • 11:33 Kyle: Heading to colo, left message on brion's cell.
  • 10:00 PMTPA down.
  • 05:56 Tim: turned off transactions for external store connections
  • 05:20 jeluf: added sq3 to the upload.wikimedia.org pool of squids

April 18

  • 21:56 brion: started medium wikis dump job (pmtpa3) on srv31. had to mount /mnt/benet
  • 21:10 jeluf: started pybal.py on avicenna to update LVS weights.
  • 20:50 brion: fixed perms on srv60's common-local; fixed favicon.ico again
  • 10:38 brion: started the small wikis dump job (pmtpa4) on benet. will run others after making sure these went, then clearing space on benet
  • 10:02 brion: started dump job on yaseo. preparing partials on pmtpa

April 17

  • some time Domas: dumped db4 to db2 for enwiki db job
  • 21:11 brion: fixed grants for new toolserver repl user on ariel
  • 20:43 brion: added wikimedianz-l list
  • 10:17 brion: enabled special:nuke on pdcwiki
  • 05:09 brion: adding querycache_info tables...

April 16

  • 08:03 brion: fixed bad favicon on srv60

April 15

  • 10:05 brion: upgraded mailman to 2.1.8
  • 06:38 Tim: after restarting, db3 completed MySQL recovery successfully. Starting replication from ariel with fingers crossed.
  • 04:17 Tim: db3 crashed. I switched the enwiki master to ariel. Site back in r/w mode at 04:35.

April 14

  • 23:30 Tim: compressOld has finished on enwiki. Switched write destination to cluster4/cluster5.
  • 22:05 brion: tried unsuccessfully to get dab's toolserver login working on the global zone so he can use the ssh tunnel for db replication

April 13

  • 23:15 brion: more net troubles! pmtpa<->knams down. others ok
  • 22:28 brion: yaseo able to reach pmtpa again. all squid centers appear to work
  • 22:20 brion: net working for more people, but still not everywhere. (yaseo out; some in europe still reporting errors)
  • 21:07 brion: bw reports the issue as flapping at level3 dampening the routes. should be resolved soon...
  • 21:55 brion: net probs
  • 21:00 jeluf: enabled captchas for zhwiki upon request, to fight a vandalbot
  • 04:30 Kyle: hydra shutdown. Shipping soon.

April 12

  • 22:03 brion: adding new replication user for the toolserver thingies to use on adler, db3, and potentially other places.
  • 19:43 brion: srv71-srv79 don't appear to have working ntp, are ~30 seconds off. trying to fix again
  • 06:30 Tim, Domas: split off enwiki db cluster to (db3,db4,ariel)
  • 06:00 jeluf: created experimental rr-upload.wikimedia.org geozone

April 11

  • 15:43 Tim: started compressOld.php on enwiki from position 3710964
  • 15:37 Tim: started refreshLinks.php
  • 15:30 Tim: removed dalembert from mediawiki-installation
  • 15:00 Tim: did schema update for langlinks
  • Tim: db3 now has a copy of enwiki, up-to-date and replicating
  • 11:32 Tim: put lomaria back into service
  • 11:26 Tim: putting webster back into service with smaller data set
  • 08:00 jeronim: added /sbin/iptables -I INPUT 1 -p icmp -j ACCEPT

to /etc/rc.local on benet (download.wikimedia.org) so that Path MTU discovery is possible for clients. Don't block all ICMP. See [5] for why.

  • 06:00 jeluf: added wikimania-cfp alias for OTRS
  • 05:15 Tim: stopped slave on lomaria for SQL dump of webster's databases to db3.

April 10

  • 22:59 brion: fixing network setup on coronelli, rebooting it. upgrading mono on search servers
  • 22:34 brion: fixing network setup on maurus, rebooting it
  • 22:12 brion: restarted wikibugs irc bot. should have auto-started on goeje boot, but likely failed due to services being out
  • 22:04 brion: started apache on friedrich for fundraising.wm.o, set up crontab for updating
  • 20:45 jeluf: started MWDaemon on vincent, but still getting the google fallback page when searching
  • 20:00 jeluf: rebooted fuchsia
  • 18:35 jeluf: Started squid on srv8, moved .203 and .205 from will to srv8
  • 18:24 Tim: fixed Database::getLag(), properly this time I hope. Live hack, not sure how to commit it from there exactly.
  • 17:48 Tim: put ixia back into service
  • 16:09 Tim: put webster back into service
  • 11:40 Tim: started two data directory copies, one from db2 to lomaria, and one from webster to ixia.
  • 08:31 Tim: restarted compressOld.php, currently at 3708378. Stopped shortly afterward to reduce catchup times.
  • 07:55 Tim: running fixTimestamps.php on all wikis
  • 07:00 jeluf: thistle back in rotation after dammit repaired it.
  • 05:35 Tim: started gmetad on zwinger
  • 04:40 jeluf: started apache2 on albert
  • 04:26 jeluf: ixia, thistle, lomaria, db1 have broken replication settings, webster has database page corruption. Taking db2 out of rotation to create copies from it.
  • 04:20 jeluf: mounted /home on all DB servers
  • 04:03 brion: ran mass-correction of bad-timestamped entries on enwiki (1529 revision records)
  • 03:05 brion: srv71-srv79 had wrong clock, apparently set to local time instead of UTC.
  • 01:45 brion: irc feeds online. had to rescue udprec from kate's old home dir
  • 01:38 brion: taking thistle and db1 out of rotation; broken replication.
  • 01:32 brion: turning read_only off on adler. seems to be set to go on always on boot.
  • 01:28 brion: things look mostly good; tried to take site read/write but someone has put adler into read-only? examining
  • 01:23 brion: got fs-squids on the right ip. seems to work now.
  • 01:20 brion: had to start lighty on amane
  • 01:18 brion: trying to get fileserver squids+lvs up. (avicenna as lvs master)
  • 01:10 brion: run-icpagent.sh didn't take previously; seems to have helped now
  • 01:04 brion: trying to add on dalembert also. no idea if this is correct. works internally, but squids still don't show anything. there's no explanation for this that is obvious to me.
  • 00:55 brion: added the lvs master ip on dalembert; http'ing to it internally seems to work, but still nothing from outside
  • 00:49 brion: trying starting LVS monitor thingy on dalembert. no clue if it's working
  • 00:45 brion: turning on apaches

April 9

  • 23:45 brion: srv33, srv36 should now replicate properly.
  • 23:20 brion: looking at srv33, srv36 external storage; jens reports replication seems borked
  • 22:00 brion: added izwinger ip to suda; it wasn't automatic.
  • 21:52 brion: finally got into srv1 and albert. maybe working
  • 21:49 brion: ldap depends on dns; dns is still broken. we can't reach srv1 or albert.
  • 21:32 brion: still trying to get some core machines online (suda booting; albert ?? srv1 ??). kyle should be available in 30 minutes
  • 20:55 brion: bw is onsite and available to poke at machines. there was a power problem; some machines seem to still eb booting
  • 20:42 brion: phoned kyle (message)
  • 20:38 brion: network mostly back up, still trying to get in
  • 19:20 brion: PowerMedium offline?
  • 15:20 Tim: shutting down mysql on lomaria for copy to ixia
  • 14:50 Tim: installed mysql on ixia
  • 8:45 jeluf: deleted binlogs 110-129 on srv34. Now 33GB of disk space are left, that's about 3 weeks.

April 8

  • 03:17 Kyle: ixia back up. Ready for mysql.
  • 00:30 brion: added presskontakt otrs alias

April 7

  • 19:40 brion: fixing favicons/logos for chapcom, spcom, internal
  • 19:00 jeluf: rebooted iris, mayflower
  • 04:44 Tim: updated article count on idwiki from 20777 to 21250 to correct for drift due to subst bug. The recount was done by running select distinct pl_from from pagelinks,page where pl_from=page_id and page_namespace=0 and page_is_redirect=0; and observing the number of returned rows.
  • 01:40 brion: upgraded svn to 1.3.0 on zwinger; should fix the group-writable problems with 'svn up'

April 6

  • 21:26 mark: Reenabled knams in DNS
  • 00:38 brion: chapom.wikimedia.org and wikimaniateam.wikimedia.org set up

April 5

  • 23:37 brion: added eventscom-l list
  • 22:41 brion: found someone had borked over the live svn checkout as root. reassigned the .svn files to brion/wikidev and made group writable. hopefully svn will cooperate...
  • 21:20 jeluf: removed binlogs 90 to 109 on srv34. Only 4GB of disk space were left.
  • 19:34 brion: yaseo magically reachable again. the network gods have been appeased!
  • 19:20 brion: yaseo unreachable via pmtpa squids. yaseo squid seems ok.
  • 5:45 jeluf: checked grub.conf on sq1...10 and fixed the default kernel setting. When doing a yum update, please make sure that the server still boots 2.6.11. Only that kernel has the drivers for the SATA controller.
  • 5:35 jeluf: Rebooted srv24 (cluster2). It had a kernel oops and the mysqld was not responding to any events - not even kill -9. Everything looks fine after the reboot.

April 4

  • 19:30 brion: after manually readding the lvs ip to sq1, upload.wm.o seems a bit better. THESE BREAK ON REBOOT. THEY NEED TO BE SET UP PROPERLY.
  • 19:20 brion: sq* messed up somewhat. sq1 missing net stuff; sq2-4(?) have broken ldap
  • 07:00 brion: got wikibugs back online; running on goeje alongside the mail server
  • 06:39 brion: fixed /mnt/math on goeje (bugzilla:5441); unmounted old upload shares no longer used.

April 3

  • 21:50 jeluf: deleted srv34_log_bin.08*. There were only 2GB disk space left.
  • 21:05 mark: knams seems unreachable, Redirected knams traffic to pmtpa.
  • 21:07 mark: Moved back
  • 21:16 mark: and back.

April 2

  • 19:22 brion: restarted enwiki dump. it crapped out yesterday, apparently with a database error of some kind ('could not connect: unknown error')
  • 08:30 brion: SVN-ified the live checkout in /h/w/c/php-1.5
  • 04:05 Kyle: db4 reinstalled FC4.
  • 04:00 Kyle: Bad drive in ixia found, RMA requested

April 1

  • 14:30 Tim: increased default max factor in compressOld to 5, this should reduce the number of talk pages that are compressed with two revisions per chunk. This means that if a talk page is 100KB, the compressed chunk can be up to 500KB.
  • ~14:00 Tim: easing thistle back into rotation after listing it in enwiki's section to prevent lag due to compressOld.php, see comments in db.php
  • 10:50 brion: briefly taking thistle out; it's lagging a lot
  • 08:00 brion: working on installing svn on leuksman server

March 31

  • 19:42 brion: tossed together maintenance/purgeList.php, takes page titles on stdin and runs squid purges on them
  • 19:10 brion: wiped fr.wikiquote.org
  • 18:35 brion: got mailman back up. ran into a mailman encoding bug rebuilding archives
  • 17:58 brion: shutting down mailman temporarily to edit archives
  • 15:15 Tim: fixed mysql cluster in ganglia
  • 14:35 Tim: running compressOld.php on enwiki
  • 14:20 Tim: shutting down lomaria again for copy to db2
  • Tim: Set up db1-db4, installed mysql. Shut down lomaria for a while to copy its data directory to db1. db4 needs it mysql upgraded when it comes back up (killed during testing)
  • 02:50 ixia down

March 30

  • 18:40 brion: added info-da otrs alias
  • ~16:30 Tim: ran compressOld.php and moveToExternal.php on gawiki to test the various tweaks I made to both. Seems to have worked.
  • 14:40 Tim: running resolveStubs.php on all pmtpa wikis
  • 14:20 Tim: rebalanced database load
  • ~08:00 Tim: set up srv71-76 for external storage
  • 07:19 brion: tweaking the user-agent protections so 'PHP' check is case-sensitive; some false positive problems with '.php'
  • 05:45 brion: lomaria ans thistle were behind on replication: slow newusers log display (WHAT IS THIS WHY DOES IT HAPPEN EVERY COUPLE OF DAYS) and some other maint script. killed threads, lomaria caught up; thistle still running maint rebuilds, took temporarily out of rotation.
  • 04:13 brion: adding audio/midi for amane (bugzilla:5277)

March 29

  • 20:49 brion: set up cswikisource, mlwikisource, skwikisource. cs and sk imported pages from sourceswiki.
  • 19:15 brion: blocked access to frwikiquote dumps
  • 19:12 brion: locked frwikiquote per agreement
  • 18:16 brion: moved oversize x-moz; was breaking the 32-bit machines due to its >2gb-ness
  • 14:25 Tim: brought srv54 into apache service
  • 09:25 Tim: brought srv71-80 into apache service
  • 06:30 jeluf: activated upload directory creation in CommonSettings.php

March 28

  • 22:00 brion: hacked up refreshImageCount.php to force the ss_image columns to start replicating. the updater is still bad
  • 21:44 brion: ss_image is NULL on slaves; updater script uses variables which don't survive replication
  • 21:30 jeluf: Rebooted iris
  • 19:45 brion: created missing upload dirs for bat_smg, closed_zh_tw, fiu_vro, frp, ksh, lij, map_bms, nds_nl, nrm, pap, pdc, rmy, roa_rup, tet, vls, xal, zh_min_nan, zh_yue
  • 09:06 brion: updated messages on he* wikis
  • 07:24 brion: someone enabled the experimental ajax search on dewiki and dewikibooks. I've turned it off, as I received a complaint and I agree it's a very unexpected and painful UI (takes over the screen with no warning, what the hell)
  • 05:20 Tim: running update.php on all wikis, to add the ss_images field
  • 02:20 Tim: Fixed various ganglia problems.

March 27

  • 18:08 brion: fixed upload dir for pmswiki; fixed permission on wikipedia upload parent dir, should allow add script to add them automatically if it's doing that now. mounted upload3 on zwinger
  • 11:21 Tim: The upgrade had apparently stopped apache on most of the servers over the course of 2 hours, eventually causing extreme site slowness. Ran apache-start on all apaches.
  • 09:24 brion: finishing upgrades; some broke because yum is confused by the libxml manual upgrade. may want to check comparison vs fedora bits.
  • 01:49 brion: upgrading remaining PHP 5.1.1 boxen to 5.1.2; timezone bug showing +0100 instead of +0000 for UTC
  • 01:29 brion: added upload dir for test wiki

March 26

  • 22:52 brion: dropping lomaria temporarily from db.php as it's badly lagged atm -- running special page cache rebuilds or something
  • 22:00 JeLuF: SSH keys added to db1...db4, LDAP configured, NFS configured, NTP configured, timezone changed to UTC.
  • 21:30 JeLuF: Added Piedmontese wikipedia
  • 12:12 Kyle: db3 and db4 are now on vlan2 on csw1-pmtpa. Pingable.

March 25

  • 07:27 brion: fixing up backup processes; weren't properly setting server usage, might work around the adler oddities. (also fixing the display problem)
  • 07:00 jeluf: db3 and db4 ( and .237) do not ping
  • 07:00 Tim: restarted squid on yf1001 and yf1003, heavy swapping
  • 04:32 Tim: Added namespaces to hewikibooks [6]
  • 02:35 Tim: reduced article size limit to 1MB on request from users in #wikipedia-en-vandalism

March 24

  • 23:00 jeluf: Added new Wikipedias for nds-nl, rmy, lij, bat-smg, map-bms, ksh, pdc, vls, nrm, frp, zh-yue, tet, xal, pap. See meta.
  • 16:40 jeluf: Restarted slave on zedler. Why doesn't it restart automatically?
  • 16:10 jeronim: unfirewalled all ICMP on benet to solve someone's problem with downloading from dumps.wm.org. /u/l/b/firewall-init.sh not altered because i don't know if that's the right script nowadays
  • 07:14 Kyle: db1-4 are ready for service at with 408GB /a's
  • 5:40 jeluf: rebooting iris

March 23

  • 19:52 brion: another mystery case of 'Error: 1114 The table '<whatever>' is full' on adler. Various tables (job, text, pagelinks, etc). Plenty of disk space free, dump still running; unclear what's full. Adler's error log shows lots of "InnoDB: many active transactions running concurrently?060323 19:52:43InnoDB: Warning: cannot find a free slot for an undo log. Do you have too"
  • 19:49 jeluf: KNAMS back, switched back to old DNS map.
  • 19:05 jeluf: www.kennisnet.nl down, too, no SSH. DC outage assumed. Switched PowerDNS to point all of Europe to Florida.
  • 18:50 jeluf: KNAMS squids not responding. Load balancer?
  • 02:33 brion: starting enwiki backup again; last run got hit by a mysterious "Error: 1114 The table '#sql_a6a_0' is full ("

March 22

  • 07:30 domas: srv59, srv51 hit by /h/w/src/memcache/install-fc3, continuing...

March 21

  • 20:25 jeluf: srv59 is listed twice in the list of memcached servers. Replaced one of them by srv71.
  • 20:00 jeluf: Users complain about bad performance. No servers seem to be broken, but tugelas are behaving odd. There are fast ones (0.05s for 100 requests) and slow ones (5s for 100 requests). Slow ones have bi values of 450, fast ones have bi values of 20. bo is 0. mctest at 20:17 UTC: set: 100   incr: 100   get: 100 time: 4.16831994057 set: 100   incr: 100   get: 100 time: 0.0873651504517 set: 100   incr: 100   get: 100 time: 0.0911560058594 set: 100   incr: 100   get: 100 time: 3.38875198364 set: 100   incr: 100   get: 100 time: 0.061262845993 set: 100   incr: 100   get: 100 time: 3.37843799591 set: 100   incr: 100   get: 100 time: 0.126893043518 set: 100   incr: 100   get: 100 time: 6.54098010063 set: 100   incr: 100   get: 100 time: 6.14648485184 set: 100   incr: 100   get: 100 time: 4.1362080574 set: 100   incr: 100   get: 100 time: 4.54642486572 set: 100   incr: 100   get: 100 time: 0.0734169483185 set: 100   incr: 100   get: 100 time: 3.67762804031 set: 100   incr: 100   get: 100 time: 0.155061006546 set: 100   incr: 100   get: 100 time: 5.22008705139
localhost set: 100   incr: 0   get: 0 time: 0.0392808914185
  • 9:00 jeluf: rebooted hawthorn, mayflower, sage, clematis
  • 7:00 Kyle: Racked 4 new database servers, pending names and ip's.

March 20

  • 19:51 brion: dumps started up again in pmtpa
  • 19:30 jeluf: added symlink to init.d/nfs from rc3.d on benet
  • 19:13 brion: manually banged on benet, got it back online on the external IP. Somehow it's switched from using eth0 to using eth1, and config needs to be adjusted.
  • 18:54 brion: Someone, somewhere, somehow rebooted benet for some reason around midnight UTC two hours ago and there's a network problem, can't be reached from zwinger.
    • 16:44 PM rebooted benet
  • 15:30 jeluf: dumps.wikimedia.org down, connection refused when trying to ssh to the box, HTTP times out.

March 19

March 18

  • 08:40 jeluf: added srv36 to external storage cluster 3.

March 17

  • 21:55 brion: srv60's memcached/tugela/whatever is VERY slow, 120s response time. can't ssh in. temporarily replacing it with srv59 in the mc cluster

March 16

  • 23:14 brion: added redirects for quickipedia.(org|net) as requested
  • 21:45 jeluf: Set up mysql server on srv36, replicating data from srv34 (cluster3). No old data imported to srv36, yet.
  • 20:00 jeluf: Set up squid on srv8, moved one IP from srv6 to srv8
  • 19:00 jeluf: restarted srv7's squid, using /usr/sbin/squid instead of /usr/local/squid/bin/squid

March 15

  • 20:01 brion: adjusted checkers.php logging to use @ on all error_log() calls, so files that are forgotten on yaseo don't display warnings
  • 19:00 jeluf: moved IP .204 from srv7 to srv9 (now they have 3 IPs each)
  • 14:00 jeluf: restarted srv7's squid

March 14

  • 08:04 brion: fixed bad permissions on some servers which broke sync-dblist script (uses rsync to copy *.dblist out)
  • 07:44 brion: set up zh.wikinews.org
  • 07:00 brion: setting up spcom s3kr1t wiki

March 13

  • 22:55 brion: fixed (hopefully) the fallback for text loading. it was broken, badly, didn't notice before :P
  • 22:45 jeluf: fixed replication of srv33. It has a gap from 15:00-22:45. Added back to pool. If a revision does not exist, the master should be asked anyway.
  • 15:45 midom: srv32 manually resynced with srv34, srv33 still down
  • 14:45 jeluf: srv32 and srv33 have out-of-sync replicas, shut them down. srv34 overloaded, went read-only
  • 14:00 ævar: / on srv34 filled up, cleared out /tmp/mediawiki/, approx 70MB left

March 12

  • 23:00 mark: Moved back ns0.wikimedia.org's IP to zwinger to get DNS back up
  • 00:54 brion: renaming wikimaniawiki to wikimania2005wiki to future-proof and convenience things

March 11

  • 22:10 jeluf: set up NFS, NTP, timezone, ... on ixia, added it to the mysql pool
  • 07:30 jeluf: ixia doesn't start replication:
060311  2:13:04 Failed to open the relay log './lomaria-relay-bin.312' (relay_log_pos 36322078)
060311  2:13:04 Could not find target log during relay log initialization
060311  2:13:04 Failed to initialize the master info structure
The file is there, permissions are there, no idea what's wrong
  • 06:55 jeluf: restarted mysql on lomaria
  • 05:09 brion: fundraising display partially back online. waiting for dns to clear, and will start regularly updating again....
  • 01:12 brion: got friedrich switched; on rebooting to test...

March 10

  • 23:00 brion: taking friedrich out of apache service to replace tingxi
  • 22:20 JeLuF: Taking lomaria down to copy its DB to ixia. Will take some hours.
  • 07:20 Solar: yongle back up, but not public interface, just private. (It only had one cat5, let me know if you want me to hook another up to csw1.

March 9

  • 05:22 Solar: Correct password on ixia

March 8

  • 23:25 brion: thistle caught up, back in service
  • 23:23 brion: taking thistle out of rotation temporarily; it's behind on master. reports of edits overwriting without conflict message may or may not be releated
  • 19:35 jeluf: Changed IP of mail.wikimedia.org from .207 to .221. This allows us to move ns0 back to zwinger (needs to be done later, when the change is known on all DNS servers)
  • 08:00 jeluf: khaldun had two default gateways. Removed default gw, ping to goeje works, NFS works
  • 08:00 jeluf: Khaldun down, NFS times out. No user complaints yet - is khaldun still in use at all? Update: Zwinger can reach khaldun, but goeje can't. Routing?

March 7

  • 23:53 avar: Made Naconkantari sysop on kowiki due to massive WP is communism vandalism which none of the kowiki admins were awake to clean up.
  • 02:48 Tim: Added Ozemail proxies to the trusted XFF list

March 6

  • 11:50 jeluf: Changed config to use spamd instead of spamassassin
  • 11:30 domas: reduced postfix, apache concurrency on goeje
  • 11:30 jeluf, domas: goeje up, rebooted by PM.
  • 09:00 jeluf: goeje down, postfix and apache shutdowns didn't help
  • 08:00 jeluf: goeje overloaded, load avg 260, slow to no response. shut down postfix, shutting down apache
  • 07:45 jeluf: replication of srv33 in sync with master. Restarted srv33 with mysql port 3306 enabled.

March 5

  • 23:10 brion: added external.log for ExternalStoreDB load failures. we think mysterious text load failures might have been from srv33
  • 23:05 jeluf: started srv33 with mysqld port set to 3307
  • 22:50 jeluf killed wiki by starting lagged external storage srv33, killed it.
  • 22:40 brion: jens put us back to read/write as the threads finished
  • 22:19 brion: adler broken. nobody bothering to update the admin log
    InnoDB: many active transactions running concurrently?
    060228 20:08:48InnoDB: Warning: cannot find a free slot for an undo log. Do you have too
    InnoDB: many active transactions running concurrently?
    Processlist showed several hundred attempts to invalidate one image page (Vynil_record.jpg). Perhaps from automated job?
    a template change

March 4

  • 21:35 brion: fixed problem (whitespace in language file), captchas back on except for sr.wikipedia, which is reasonably well-populated
  • 21:28 brion: disabling captchas on all sr projects; broken on sr for some reason
  • 12:05 brion: yaseo uploads resolved (bad symlink into /mnt/wikipedia/htdocs on yaseo docroot), math also fixed (rewrite condition crashed apache; changed it and now works)
  • 11:43 brion: noticed amaryllis / part is very small (10g) and full. nice.
  • 11:40 brion: yaseo uploads borked for some reason. tossed in a symlink on amaryllis so /mnt/upload works there, but not sure why many still don't work on http

March 3

  • 20:00 jeluf: set up new queues info-ch and info-als on OTRS.
  • 05:04 Tim: set up daily cron job on goeje, to backup its root directory to hypatia once per day, at 06:00.
  • 03:13 brion: started another enwiki dump, yaseo dump
  • 03:03 brion: installing setproctitle on srv31; php is whining

March 2

  • 23:09 brion: adding dns entries for wikimania200[56].wikimedia.org, will set up new wiki and redirects shortly
  • 14:00 Tim: started rsync of goeje's root directory to hypatia:/var/backup/ssl-server, for backup and maybe failover capability in the future.

March 1

  • 22:16 brion: turning on wgEmailAuthentication on public wikis. Somehow goeje got blacklisted by spamcop, allegedly for sending to blackhole addresses. There's a small possibility that active spamming was attempted through the wiki.
  • 05:30 Solar: srv55, srv57, srv61, srv67 have new ram, and are up, but out of sync
  • 04:20-04:25 Tim: srv54, a tugela server, was accidentally rebooted. This took the site down for about 5 minutes, probably due to unconfigurable fwrite() timeouts on persistent connections.