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Toolforge is a hosting environment for developers working on services that provide value to the Wikimedia movement. The platform allows developers to easily do ad hoc analytics, administer bots, run webservices, and generally create tools to help Wikimedia project editors, technical contributors, and other volunteers in their work. The environment also includes access to a variety of data services. This infrastructure is supported by a dedicated group of Wikimedia Foundation staff and volunteers.

This portal will blah blah blah blah.

Toolforge Tools

List of tools and cool stuff you can do

A comprehensive list of Toolforge Tools

Get Started with Toolforge

Get started with Toolforge and other Wikimedia Cloud Services by creating the accounts you need.

(setting up the right environments/workflows/software)


(in columns)

  • FAQ

Operational documentation

Things you can do / get involved

The Toolforge community-developed web applications are all listed at There is also a smaller selection listed in more detail at Hay's Tools Directory

Communication and support

Support and administration of the WMCS resources is provided by the Wikimedia Foundation Cloud Services team and Wikimedia movement volunteers. Please reach out with questions and join the conversation:

Discuss and receive general support
Stay aware of critical changes and plans
Track work tasks and report bugs

Use a subproject of the #Cloud-Services Phabricator project to track confirmed bug reports and feature requests about the Cloud Services infrastructure itself

Read stories and WMCS blog posts

Read the Cloud Services Blog (for the broader Wikimedia movement, see the Wikimedia Technical Blog)

See also

Introduction to Wikimedia Cloud Services

Understand Wikimedia Cloud Services (WCMS) and which services to use.

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