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This page is for working through potential designs for Portal pages on Wikitech. The goal is to make sure that the main portal pages are consistent in their design. The should each include the same basic sections and information in the same basic order. The portals should be functional and also to reflect and complement the portal designs and guidelines across Wikimedia projects. The goal is to create pages that already feel familiar to visitors and facilitate them in finding the information they need.


Each Wikitech Portal should include the following sections

  • Introduction - a short introduction to the project
    • Link to Quick Start and Introductions to Cloud Services on all Portals
  • List of Toolforge Tools or List of Cloud Services tools Projects Based on portal.
  • Topics – Links to the most important help and general articles related to the topic
    • Frequently asked questions
    • How-to and walk-throughs (Link to landing pages with these)
    • Operational Documentation
      • Administrative documentation
      • User documentation
  • Sub-portals and related Portals
  • Things you can do – How to participate
  • Contact and support information


  • Categories and subcategories covered by the project

Portal Sandboxes