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Meeting Notes: 24 Jan 2019

  • Moritz: option 1, we could use it as a buster prototype, we could address gs issues we have in jessie
    • upgrading can be good in general
  • Effie: what about thumbnails already in thumbor?
    • Filippo & Joe : maybe we deal with it later when up
    • We could gradually purge specific file
  • Filippo: image tests for similarity
  • Moritz: Tests for svg (lower level)
  • Effie: upgrade to stretch for now?
    • We might spend a lot of time running both (jessie and stretch)
  • Joe: What about Timeline?


  • Upgrade to stretch one by one
  • Do T187765 and T212946 if they don't require much effort
  • Evaluate its future in k8s after upgrades are complete
  • Effie creates related tasks and works on this.