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Jump to navigation Jump to search is a WordPress deployment on the Enterprise WordPress hosting platform. See Wikimedia technical blog editorial guidelines for more information about the process of getting an article published on the blog.

Local dev setup


GitHub repos

Visitor privacy

We have tried to remove 100% of 3rd party resource loads and tracking. See phab:T247569 for details.

  • Jetpack stats disabled via PHP code
  • Webfonts for Modern theme loaded from local plugin
  • New Relic perf tracker disabled via PHP code
  • Gravatar user avatars disabled via WordPress admin settings

Piwik for analytics

We turned off the Jetpack analytics module and are using Analytics/Systems/Matomo instead. See phab:T247918 for more info.



The Wikimedia Technical Blog was created in March 2009, hosted at It was powered by WordPress and hosted as a Wikimedia production service. It was created to allow for more in-depth engineering focus toward a more technical audience (distinct from the official Wikimedia Blog at See also The first Techblog post with its original skin and appearance.[1][2]

In June 2011, the blogs were merged, with the Techblog posts under a new "Technology" category on the official Wikimedia Blog, and the techblog domain redirecting to See also The last archived version of this incarnation of the Techblog.

In 2013-2014, the Wikimedia Blog was moved to be hosted by Automattic using VIP.[3]

In 2019, the current incarnation of the Techblog started as a new WordPress blog hosted via VIP. The archived posts remain available as part of Wikimedia Blog instead, which in 2020 was rebranded to Wikimedia Diff at[4] Wikimedia Diff includes in its archive the original Techblog posts, with redirects in-place.

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