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Some changes should be implemented on the setup to allow the following issues sent from Johannes, one of the devs for the mw-lib stuff.

Thanks a lot!

Two issues:

Could you guys please update mwlib and mwlib.rl on pdf1 before the deployment of the Collection extension on en.wp? I guess my update request from last week got lost somehow, and since the software is installed system-wide under /usr/ on pdf1, I'm not able to do the update myself. I can perfectly understand that you don't give root-privileges out to random people though :-) Maybe this can be changed, i.e. by using an installation inside a virtualenv[1], thus eliminating the need for root privileges.

And regarding debugging etc.: The cache directories under /opt/mwlib/var/cache/pdfserver are currently only accessible by www-data. Can this be changed so that we have access to per-job-logfiles, ZIP files and PDFs?

Thanks in advance!