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The following executable binaries are maintained in version control (operations/puppet:/files/misc/scripts) and provided on deployment servers (see deployment.eqiad.wmnet) by puppet into /usr/local/bin.



This script comes from puppet.


  • Runs a watch command on the hhvm logs with various exclusion and aggregation filters to monitor current php notices, warnings and errors on the cluster. This script lives on mwlog1001.


shortcut: mwgrep

Search for CSS and JavaScript code fragments in MediaWiki, User and Module namespaces pages on all Wikimedia projects (powered by Elasticsearch).

It's located in operations/puppet/modules/scap/files/mwgrep


For convenience, this utility is also available as bin/expanddblist in any checkout of operations/mediawiki-config.git.

Usage: expanddblist [<dblist>, <dblistname> or <expression>]


./bin/expanddblist flow_computed > dblists/flow.dblist


Sometimes you may need to purge a URL from Varnish cache.

In most cases this is enough. However if the change involves more than a simple change to redirects, depooling/ repooling may be necessary. Make sure you find out whether this is needed ahead of time.

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