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Presently, all Phabricator tasks of the Traffic team use one all-encompassing tag (traffic) rather than any granular, per-component tags.
Service Description
Acme-chief Centrally request configured TLS certificates from ACME servers, then make the public and private parts available to authorized API users.
Apache Traffic Server aka ATS, is a caching HTTP proxy used as the backend (on-disk) component of Wikimedia's CDN. In-memory, ephemeral caching is done by cache frontends running Varnish..
HAProxy TLS and HTTP/2 termination at the CDN
DNS Wikimedia uses two separate kinds of The DNS servers, authoritative nameservers (that respond to queries from third party nameservers for our domains) and recursive resolvers (that resolve DNS queries when any of our servers need to look up a name)
LVS A high-traffic Layer 4 load balancer.
Ncredir Non-Canonical Redirect service (e.g. to
Purged Daemon that reads Kafka purge messages, parses them, and turns them into HTTP purge requests for ATS and Varnish
PyBal Automated manager for LVS
Varnish A caching HTTP proxy used as the frontend (in-memory) component of Wikimedia's CDN.