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Get in

  1. ssh USERNAME@prototype.wikimedia.org
  2. cd /srv/org/wikimedia/prototype/wikis/rc-en/ (or another wiki)

Configuration change

  1. cd ../../rccommon
  2. sudo nano PrototypeSettings.php
  3. Add the require_once and save it (Control + O)
  4. Verify on http://prototype.wikimedia.org

Existing extensions

  1. sudo svn up
  2. If the extension was checked out from trunk, do a seperate update for it: sudo svn up extensions/MyExtension

New extensions

  1. cd extensions
  2. sudo svn checkout https://svn.wikimedia.org/svnroot/mediawiki/trunk/extensions/MyExtension
    • Not from ssh+svn or with username since it's just an anonymous
  3. cd ../../rccommon
  4. sudo nano PrototypeSettings.php
  5. Add the require_once and save it (Control + O)
  6. Verify on http://prototype.wikimedia.org/ and document it on the Main Page
  7. (small bogus step to prevent documentation from becoming the last forgotten step)


  1. sudo svn up