Projects for September 2009

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  • order!
  • SSL poke stuff


  • bugzilla:16822 Provide SSL/HTTPS interface to and use it for SSL-served pages
  • bugzilla:20643 Serve SSL/HTTPS sites out of same domain names as HTTP access:
    • This is potentially harder :)
    • Taipei experiment's issues w/ parser cache shouldn't be a problem if we set this up right
  • bugzilla:20454 -- cleanup for SSL favicons
  • bugzilla:225 -- once that's all up we can see about enforcing SSL for all logins

Squid capacity upgrade

  • New Squids with SSDs, both Tampa and (a bit later) esams

Datacenter project

  • Ongoing investigation and planning for our main dc, and some caching centers

Miscellaneous servers for esams

  • The current servers are old and well out of warranty, we'll want ~10 or so new ones


  • Version control
  • Slow but ongoing integration

Move Wikitech

  • To server sage (at knams), with a (read-only?) replica

esams cleanup

  • Cleanup and documentation of the move

pmtpa management network


  • Reaching its capacity limits, needs an overhaul with more efficient kernel connection scheduling, or a new hw based solution