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Andrew doesn't think this is running any more and SAL indicates it was disabled 2009-08-13.

We send data from spam.log to an external party, Project Honeypot, in exchange for them sending us abuse data.

It's run as a script, /home/andrew/ in Andrew's crontab on hume.

Here's the general outline they gave of how to send data to them:

curl -k '' \
       -F 'access_key=[See the script]' \
       -F 'op=FILE_GENERIC' \
       -F 'logfile=@/absolute/path/to/logfile'

It uses .last-honeypot-pos in /home/andrew to figure out the last line it sent, so as not to send the same data more than once.

Contacts at Project Honeypot:

  • Lee Holloway, first name at unspam dot com.
  • Matthew Prince, first name at unspam dot com.