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Lights Out Management

The Sun X4240 and the X4100 use iLOM.

The standard administrative account is root and the default password is changeme.

Base configuration

These are common configuration commands:

set /SP/clients/ntp/server/1 address=
set /SP/clients/ntp/server/2 address=
set /SP/clients/dns nameserver=
set /SP/clients/syslog/1 address=
set /SP/users/root/ssh/keys/1 load_uri=

Common actions

Changing the root password

set /SP/users/root password=

Serial console

start /SP/console

Power cycle


reset /SYS

Power Off:

stop /SYS

Power On:

start /SYS

End the session with Esc-(

Setting an IP address for the network port of LOM

Login to the LOM over serial and run the following:

cd /SP/network 
set pendingipaddress=ipaddress
set pendingipnetmask=
set pendingipgateway=
set pendingipdiscovery=static
set commitpending=true

Once that is done, you should be able to connect over the management IP if it is plugged into the management network.

ARCCONF Raid Utility

To poll the raid controller you can run the following:

  • Get the full details and help for the application
 arcconf GETLOGS 1 DEVICE tabular
  • Get the failed devices information
 arcconf GETLOGS 1 DEAD tabular
  • Get the dead devices information
 arcconf GETCONFIG 1
  • Output all config info, including locations of bad drives.

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