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Lights Out Management

The X4150 uses eLOM.

The standard administrative account is root and the default password is changeme.

Common actions

Changing the root password

set /SP/users/root password=password

Serial console

start /SP/AgentInfo/Console

press ESC + Shift +9 to terminate session

The eLOM is wired to the system's COM2, although the system BIOS reports this as COM1! It's actually COM2, given the base address of 2F8, IRQ3.'

BIOS redirection needs to be set to "COM1" (which is COM2), target SP, and the speed is fixed at 9600 bps, 8n1. Therefore, we've made a new group "X4150" in dhcpd.conf to do installs on COM2 serial, 9600 bps.

Power cycle

reset /SYS

End the session with Esc-(

Setting an IP address for the network port of LOM

cd /SP/network 
set ipsource=static
set ipaddress=ipaddress  
set netmask=
set gateway=

If you want to check what you entered, just use the command show

Once that is done, you should be able to connect over the management IP if it is plugged into the management network.

Getting System Information

To get all the information on what DIMMs are installed, do the following:

show -d properties -level all /SYS/Memory 

This command can be altered to show other SP or SYS items, without having to drill into each one individually.

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