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Renaming PAWS Internal to SWAP

Hi all, after encountering a lot of confusion with the name PAWS Internal, and it's public counterpart PAWS - I'm changing the project's name to SWAP - Simple Wikimedia Analytics Platform. I asked a few people and they seemed to like it, and it is hopefully less confusing. The renaming is very WIP, I've so far only set up the redirect to this page from PAWS/Internal, and made some edits on the page to show updated name. Feel free to comment, and update your own documentation on this to reflect the new name. Thanks! - Madhuvishy (talk)

The right access groups

Regarding access requests for SWAP, the docs currently say "ask for the "researchers"/"analytics-privatedata-users"/"statistics-privatedata-users" groups, SWAP piggy backs on data access rules for the Analytics cluster, and any of these 3 groups should work". But as somebody on the ops side who wants to handle an access request i still wonder which of the 3 i should use now. Could we talk about it and pick one that we always use for consistency and future access requests who are always handled by different people? Would be cool, cheers, dzahn (talk) 22:58, 7 September 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]