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Near future plans

As of February 18 2010:

  • ms7: holds primary uploads
  • ms4: holds thumbnails
  • ms1: has been released, will become external storage
  • ms5: holds replication from ms1 til about Jan 12 2010, will become replication for ms4 (thumbs)
  • ms8: does replication for ms7 (media)
  • ms6: zfs replication needs to be set up again to this offsite box

Current state

According to Server roles:

  • ms1 - unused - will become external storage
    • pmtpa
    • unused
    • allocated as dedicated ES slave
  • ms2 - dedicated ES slave
    • sdtpa
    • ?
  • ms3 - dedicated ES master
    • sdtpa
    • ?
  • ms4 - thumbnails
    • sdtpa
    • in use as thumbnail server. also has extensions for the extensiondistribution ext. (ask tim)
  • ms5 - Local upload backup through Jan 12 2010
    • pmtpa
    • to become thumb backup, had media data replicated from ms1
  • ms6 - Remote upload backup
    • esams
    • has backup of upload.wikimedia.org last updated May 2009. current status: preparing copy of all files that may have been changed or removed from ms1 since then
      • This was done with zfs repl, and in order to run this again we will need to start with a new full snapshot (since all the incrementals were tossed from ms1 during the zfs crisis).I estimate it would take about 10 days for that. (That figure is based on speed copying from ms1 to ms5 and may not be accurate given that it's off-site.)
  • ms7 - Primary media upload server upload6
    • sdtpa
  • ms8 - Replication media upload server
    • sdtpa