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Hardware, role

ms7 is a Sun Fire X4540. It used to act as our media server, handling requests for media at upload.wikimedia.org, as well as math images. It is due to be repurposed.

This box is running Solaris 10 with zfs.

We have zfs replication of our image data set up to ms8; it is running every 15 minuntes.

All information after this is kept for historical purposes only.

Image/thumb server setup

In /export/upload on ms7 and on /export/thumbs on ms4 there is a directory sync-from-home which contains the thumb handler, a 404 and a readme (the rest are irrelevant). These get updated by doing the following:

  • check out trunk/tools/upload-scripts
  • make your changes and check 'em back in
  • go to /home/wikipedia/upload-scripts, svn update to pull the changes
  • ./sync (this pushes the files in the directory out to ms1 and ms4) <-- NEEDS UPDATED

The directory /export/upload/scripts (ms7) and /export/thumbs/scripts (ms4) are symlinks to the sync-from-home directoryl; these were created manually.

If you add/change image or thumb servers, the sync script should be updated accordingly, and the scripts symlink should be put in place as well on the new hosts.

ZFS stuff

See zfs for some standard commands.

We do zfs snapshots of the image data; scripts for these are in /opt/local/bin on the image and thumb servers, with a master copy in /home/wikipedia/conf/zfs-tools.

Note that sync relies on rsync being in /usr/bin/rsync. On Solaris 10, rsync is not distributed with the OS. You can download it from sunfreeware.com and install it; in our case River set it up in /opt/ts/bin/rsync and on both ms1 and ms4 /usr/bin/rsync links to this. needs to be updated

See Thumbnail repository for information about setting up a new thumbnail server.

More ms7-related pages

  • ms1 IDR: how to install an IDR (= binary fixes that aren't in the standard patch format) on ms1
  • The ms servers: here's what they supposedly all do or will do
  • Non-NFS file storage: Tim's design notes on how storage is possibly going to be restructured