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Obsolete:Ms1 IDR

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This page contains historical information. It may be outdated or unreliable.
Note: The information in this page doesn't apply yet! I will update the page once the upgrade is done.

This is the procedure to apply the IDR to ms1 in case river isn't around.

ms1 has already been upgraded to Solaris 10 Update 7 with current patches, and the IDR has been applied to the alternate boot environment. To apply the patch, you need to activate the alternate BE, then reboot:

ms1# luactivate s10a
ms1# shutdown -i6 -g0 -y

In case the update is finished but river didn't have the IDR to apply, you will need to do that first:

(copy the IDR to /root/IDR123456-01.zip)
ms1# cd /root
ms1# unzip IDR123456-01.zip
ms1# more IDR123456-01/README
(read it)
ms1# lumount s10a
ms1# patchadd -R /.alt.s10a IDR123456-01
ms1# luumount s10a

Then follow the instructions above.