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Obsolete:External storage borkgage, 2006-04-09

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This page contains historical information. It may be outdated or unreliable.
  • master: srv34
  • slaves: srv32, srv33, srv36

After bringing things back up from the power failure, srv33 and srv36 reported replication problems. They had a master log position which was beyond the end of the master's previous log file.

srv32 in contrast looked ok; it was set to the start of the second file.

Missing data

On enwiki, the max blob_id showed as:

  • srv34: 13948772
  • srv32: 13948770 [missing some]
  • srv33: 13948764 [missing some]
  • srv36: 13948772

Blob slave failover should automatically load the missing entries from master if they are requested, but it might be good to transfer them over manually to ensure consistency.