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Monolithic storage

1-2 NFS heads, FC connected RAID array. (IBM DS4700, Sun 6540...)

Expensive, but easy to expand.

Probably want some kind of HA-NFS for head failover.


  • 9TB: $15.684
  • Expand to 18TB: $25,270
  • Expand to 27TB: $34,856
  • Expand to 36TB: $44,442
  • Expand to 45TB: $54,028
  • Expand to 54TB: $63,614
  • Expand to 63TB: $73,200
  • Expand to 72TB: $82,786

Several small arrays

Xserve RAID FC array, 14x 500GB: 7TB (6TB usable RAID-50) each.

FC switch (ex. Brocade 5000, 16-32 4Gb/s ports).

Software striping on host, e.g. LVM.

Several JBODs

SAS or FC JBODs holding SATA disks.

FC switch.

Software RAID-50 on host, e.g. LVM. (mark says lvm is no good for this.)