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Giving users Labs/wikitech/gerrit access, if they already have an SVN account

Collect the following information from the user:

  • Preferred wiki username (This will also be the user's git username)
  • Preferred email address
  • Their previous SVN account name

On virt1000, run the following commands:

 $ change-ldap-passwd --random <svnusername>
    (note returned password)
 $ modify-ldap-user --cn="<wikiusername>" --mail="<email address>" <svnusername>

Log in to wikitech once as the new user. Then go to Special:NovaProject and add the user, by wiki username, to the bastion project.

Then the user must do the following:

  1. Go to the password reset form at labs console
  2. Use the temporary password to set a password
  3. Log into gerrit
  4. Add their SSH key

Then, if they are an ops team member, add them to the ops group:

modify-ldap-group --addmembers=<svnusername> ops

If they are WMF staff, add them to the wmf group:

modify-ldap-group --addmembers=<svnusername> wmf