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Nova Resource:Wikidata-dev/wikidata-new-wbterm

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wikidata-new-wbterm.eqiad.wmflabs was set up as part of phabricator:T221615 and is proxied at https://wikidata-termstore.wmflabs.org/.

It is populated with random entities via a maintenance script. Since 2019-05-29, the new term schema is used for all properties and the items from Q100001 to Q100000, whereas items from Q100001 to Q999999 continue to use the old schema.

MediaWiki and Wikibase appear to be installed manually (not puppetized), below /srv/mediawiki/html/ (symlinked as /var/www/html). A cronjob in Ladsgroup’s crontab runs runJobs.php every hour; other automatic actions (e. g. periodical source code updates) do not appear to be set up.


Remember that you can always log updates in #wikimedia-cloud connect:

!log wikidata-dev wikidata-new-wbterm blah blah doing things

You can see all wikidata-new-wbterm SAL log entries.