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  • 19:49 bd808: Fixed service with `setup-firewall` (see docs at
  • 19:46 bd808: Rebooting telnet2.telnet.eqiad.wmflabs to see if that magically fixes routing
  • 19:42 bd808: Ran `start wikipedia-telnet` on telnet2.telnet.eqiad.wmflabs. greg-g reported the service as down and UBN! ;)



  • 22:20 bd808: Hacked /etc/init/wikipedia-telnet.conf to include "env NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED=0" for T167064 and restarted service
  • 19:57 bd808: Ran setup-firewall per; service back up and running
  • 19:47 bd808: sudo service wikipedia-telnet start


  • 17:40 mutante: added cscott as user and project admin