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Puppet-compiler simulates puppet changes and determine the effective difference before/after a given change to puppet files.

This project contains execution hosts for the Jenkins job operations-puppet-catalog-compiler. It computes the effective difference before/after a proposed puppet change for a given set of nodes. Also known as puppet compiler.

Build output is accessible via web service

For documentation on the service, see Puppet Testing.


  1. How to update the compiler's facts? (e.g. INFO: Unable to find facts for host conf2001.codfw.wmnet, skipping)
You'll need access to all the puppet master workers puppetmaster::servers in hieradata and the compiler hosts and launch this script from your local checkout of the puppet repository for each compiler hosts. The list of compiler hosts is available in Jenkis. As of Oct. 5th 2017 there are only two compiler hosts and one is the default for the script, so you just have to run:
# The default compiler host is compiler02.puppet3-diffs.eqiad.wmflabs

# Run it also for the other compiler host
PUPPET_COMPILER=compiler03.puppet3-diffs.eqiad.wmflabs ./modules/puppet_compiler/files/compiler-update-facts
It will cycle through all the puppet master workers and sync the facts from all of them. Only the most recent fact for each host will be kept on the compiler host.