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Obsolete:NFS debacle

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This page contains historical information. It may be outdated or unreliable.


Little stuff:

  • Move mailman on zwinger out of /home so zwinger can mount the current /home
  • Remove all use of /home in Apache (such as htdocs for a few rare things)
    • Check for remaining symlinks into /home from common/docroot
      • Small number of files belong in common/docroot. Large number of files probably belong on another server.
    • Check for remaining use of /home in apache config
      • Foundation CGI script for updates.
  • Set up php.ini files to sync with apache config
  • Remove all use of /home in PHP scripts
    • config
    • debug logs!

Big stuff:

  • Reinstall Zwinger, once mail service is moved off it
  • Reinstall albert; suda and albert should each have a copy of each other's junk
  • Make sure /home is consistent where mounted
    • But try to skip it where possible

More remaining nfs stupidities which we found broken:

  • (log files in /home/wikipedia/logs)
  • /home/wikipedia/htdocs used via a redirect from /usr/local/apache/htdocs (but not really used for anything, just broke apache restart)
  • /home/wikipedia/conf/php*.ini symlinked instead of copied around
  • math on amane but mounted through /home/wikipedia/ someplace
  • PATH environment variable sanity
  • 'current working dir' was not reset somewhere..
  • still some PHP 4 boxes in service, their cache configuration broke when php.ini was reinitialized from the php5 masters.