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This page contains historical information. It is probably no longer true. 2009

The /home/wikipedia/common/live-1.5 web tree holds the "live" files which will be exposed to the web via

This allows us to restrict the entry points to MediaWiki to just the files we control via symlinks or stub files, as well as giving us a place to deploy one off web entry points.

Configuration and updates

sync-common-all is required to push an update to this directory.

MediaWiki entry points are wrapped in stub scripts:

  • index.php / wiki.phtml
  • img_auth.php
  • opensearch_desc.php
  • redirect.php / redirect.phtml
  • thumb.php

These stubs include MWVersion.php to tell it which base directory to pull MediaWiki from. Originally this was used during the transition from MediaWiki 1.4 to 1.5 to send migrated wikis to the new code base; currently it just sends to the NFS master copy instead of the local copy of deployment files.


So for instance when pushing out /home/wikipedia/common/live-1.5/mobileRedirect.php with sync-common-all the file would be request-able from