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Quarterly Review of post-mortems - 2014-07

Questions we want to be able to answer

  • Have all of the issues that came out of the post-mortem been addressed? If not, why not?
  • Are we satisfied with the current state of that part of the infra? Are there further actions to take (upon further reflection)?
  • anything else?


  • Go through the post-mortems and their respective action items and make sure they have been followed up appropriately.
    • If you have details that are relevant to the post-mortem in BZ/etc, please link from the post-mortem.
  • Discuss if there is anything else that we learned from the situation and follow up to better inform future decisions.
  • Notes written up by all, collaboratively, so that others in the organization will learn from these as well.



The post mortems


Bryan, Reedy

  • Status:    Unresolved - PrivateSettings.php should be in a repo so we can be sure what's changed.
  • Status:    Done - Db user and password settings should go into PrivateSettings (and not be removed from AdminSettings until anyone relying on that file has converted their jobs).
  • Status:    Declined - Changes made should go out immediately as they do for all configuration files.
  • Status:    Declined - Better coordination


Bryan, Reedy

  • Status:    Done - bug 63659 Fix ExtensionMessages-X.php generation
  • Status:    Done - Review Niklas' doc fixes
  • Status:    Declined - revive and come to conclusion on testwiki served from mw1017 issue


Antoine, Faidon

  • Status:    Done - we might want to generate finer metrics by adding the pingLimiter() action to the wfProfileIn() call.
  • Status:    Declined - a graph in gdash and a monitoring alarm could be added whenever the rate change significantly.
  • Status:    on-going - it took us too long (3 days) to get informed about that outage though as soon as the proper folks have been made aware of it it got promptly solved.



  • Status:    Done - Tracking bug for the outage: bug 65424
  • Status:    Done - dissolve the bits servers into the appserver pool
  • Status:    Done - Monitor for anomalies/spikes in read failures of memcached task T69817 231704



  • Status:    Done - wikimedia-task-appserver is no more, and site is operational.
  • Status:    ongoing - The postrm script of packages should be inspected prior to their removal from nodes that power critical services.


Andrew O



  • Status:    on going - Greg be more diligent about actively reverting non-backwards compatible changes before they cause problems.
  • Status:    Done - Update our extension development documentation as per Physikerwelt's (good) suggestion.
  • Status:    in-progress - Get more WMF reviewers for the Math extension work (not only will it be reviewed more quickly, but we'll have more institutional knowledge for when things break, as software tends to do)


Andrew B, Marc

  • Status:    Done - Add a puppet success check to icinga