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This document describes how to host a salt master for a project.

  1. Add the role::salt::masters::labs::project_master class to the salt master instance's puppet classes
  2. Run puppet on the salt master:
    • puppet agent --test --verbose
  3. Create/update the project's hiera configuration at the Hiera:<project_name> page on wikitech
    1. Set role::salt::minions::salt_master to the master's FQDN
    2. Look at /etc/salt/pki/master/master.pub on the master and set it as the value of role::salt::minions::salt_master_key (make sure to put other hiera options, e.g. role::salt::minions::salt_finger after this or puppet will make the public key file not have a new line at the end which prevents the salt minions from starting)
    3. Look at the result of salt-key --finger-all on the master and set the pub fingerprint as the value of role::salt::minions::salt_finger
  4. Remove the cached labs salt master key on all instances:
    • rm /etc/salt/pki/minion/minion_master.pub
  5. Run puppet on all instances:
    • puppet agent --test --verbose

See also: Labs node setup