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Data Platform Engineering/Decision log

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The goal of this page is to encourage Data Platform Engineering teams to make use of quick decision logs to document decisions they are making.

When to log a decision is subjective. Generally, if you might need to refer to a decision in the future, it is a good idea to log it.

Complex decisions should link to documents with more context, ideally in a wiki or in Phabricator. Google docs, Slack, or other links may be helpful too.

If a you think a more focused project or team specific Decision Log will be useful (e.g. Event Platform/Decision log), feel free to make one. Make sure you add a

[[Category:Decision log]]

category link to your page, so it will show up in the global list of Decision logs on wikitech.

Data Platform Engineering Decision Log

ID Category Decision Description Alternatives Considered Responsible Parties Decision Date Comments/Links